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Content will continue to be one of the most important marketing tactics in 2017. The market which was once dominated by the large volume of content is replaced with different and unique content formats, to engage audience across different platforms.

So, here we have collected the statements of few of the Experts to know what they have to say about the upcoming trends in the New Year.

Rand Fishkin, founder and wizard of Moz, says, “In 2017, content marketing is going to be even more challenging than it is today.”

“There’ll be fewer winners with much bigger jackpots,” says Larry Kim, founder of WordStream.

Sam Mallikarjunan, the Head of Ecommerce Marketing @HubSpot, “In 2017, content marketers will work like product managers.”

It’s time to maximize the effectiveness of content marketing by examining all the new possibilities that may help your brand reach great heights in 2017. We have wrapped up 10 biggest Content Marketing trends that marketers need to follow to make a kick-start with the year 2017.

1) Video Content will Rule

Marketers have realized the value of videos in content seeing that it brings the highest ROI. As videos become more important, YouTube ranks the second largest search engine on the web. With the increased consumption of it more video-favored technology will be preferred. Live streaming videos will gain more popularity. And, this gives viewer a greater sense of realism and enables the brands to spread the message in more effective manner.

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2) Mobile-friendly Formats will be Accepted

Mobile content needs to be written in a concise and precise way, so that it can be optimized for multiple formats. More and more businesses have started adopting mobile-friendly formats as it is expected that somewhere between 65 to 75% of the internet usage will come from smartphones in 2017. By employing mobile pages or creating mobile apps brands will continue to put mobile first.

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3) Personalized and Segmented Content will bring Higher Engagement 

Content marketing strategy will get more personalized to become more relevant to the customers. Personalization plays a crucial role in narrowing down the audience to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

Content is no more created for the broad group of audience rather than it is targeted to a segmented target group. Segmentation allows the brands to provide personalized content to the specific group of audience for generating better resonance.

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4) Interactive Content will Seize Reader’s Attention

The content you publish need to be creative and interactive to involve more readers. Most of the marketers focus on the interactive and appealing content as it helps in engaging large number of people. This type of content grabs more attention of the viewer rather than the static content.

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5) Purpose-driven Content will become Known 

Purpose-driven content marketing helps the businesses in establishing a bond with their target audience. Such type of content offers a varied and complicated set of strategies to the marketers as it provides direction. It is always easier to draw the audience towards your content when it displays a specific purpose or cause.

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6) Consistent Engagement Will Focus More on Retention

Content marketers need not to give up on the existing customer list until they convert. Just bringing the readers to the blog post won’t help anymore. It should be such that they remain engaged towards your blog or keep a track of your posts by availing the subscription. In the upcoming year, the focus is thought to shift towards driving the growth within existing audience by approaching them at the right time with the right content. Measuring the number of active users daily or weekly will ensure constant engagement of people until they convert.

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7) Increase will appear in Native Promotion of Content

Native advertising is ‘pay to play’ as it is a form of advertising that offers the useful information to the viewer without disrupting their experience. Brands have to pay for promoting their content outside their media. Such ads are informative as they contain useful and interesting content targeted to a particular audience. With the help of this, marketers can promote the content in a better and efficient way. There are number of enterprises that have experimented native promotion of the content and succeeded in it.

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8) Virtual Reality; a Next Big Thing in Content Marketing

VR completely involves the readers in the experience rather than just narrating a tale. Brands need to find out the ways to engage the readers in their content with a unique VR experience. It is the most talked about topic in the technical domain as it allows the customer to experience the brand rather than just listening or reading volume about it.

9) Demand of Content Creation will increase with more Content Consumption

Content consumption will increase and lead to more production of content. Content marketers will need to create more of it to keep up with the growing demand of content consumption. It will be important to produce extra content but keeping in mind that it is aligned with the marketing goals and ROI it is expected to bring. Bigger content creation does not mean that quantity will take over the quality.

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10) Ephemeral (Short-lived) Content to Come in Trend

Running marketing campaigns just for a particular period of time can bring higher engagement. In the fear of missing out the content, users tend to be more active towards your content and hence the rate of engagement increases. 2016 is the year which brought the change to the evergreen content by introducing ephemeral content on Snapchat. Brands should make this trend the part of their content marketing strategy for engaging more number of people.

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Content marketing has remained an emerging and challenging field all throughout the year. Marketers will need to keep up with the new trends to stay at the top. It seems that the graph of content marketing is likely to get more competitive in the upcoming year. So, here we look forward towards seeing more demanding and productive challenges in content marketing in 2017.

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