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The year 2013 has exhibited a great growth in content marketing. Certainly, this is the results of the changes Google has made to its algorithm such as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, all of which aims at improving user experience, putting more stress on the importance of content. Now, content marketing sole motive has become to provide users value through good and helpful content, and not just acquiring links. As a result, a lot of SEO agencies have moved their business strategy away from link building and towards content in 2013. It is apparent from Google latest updates that how important content marketing has become and if you still have any kind of dilemma about it then better you chuck it. In 2014 businesses are not going to focus on how to get started with content marketing as that has already taken place this year. They will rather be paying their attention towards content assessment and its distribution to the right audience. So, it is high time you identify with the need of the hour and realize the importance of content, before your competitors get there and it becomes too late for you.

Content assessment

c2014 As expected, a lot of businesses are going to put more stress on scaling their content efforts in 2014. The way content marketing is growing, it has become its own biggest threat as getting visibility for the content is going to be a lot more difficult now. Besides, the things are getting changed as businesses in spite of outsourcing content from outside are trying to produce content in-house. A recent study revealed that outsourcing of content has dropped from 56% to 40%. In 2014, businesses will be busy optimizing content rather than talking about its value. Creating content will not be the agenda next year; agenda will rather be creating quality content that provides more value out of it.

Content distribution to the right audience

c2014 1 The second important thing about content in 2014 will be its distribution to the right segment of the audience. As far as distributing your content is concerned, there are various ways you can do it. You can promote your content across the channels you own such as your blog, email list, your Facebook and Twitter page as this is the part of audience which is already available. Now, through click-through rate on each of those channels you can figure out which channel is giving good results for what content. It also tells you about creating a more compelling call-to-actions which will bring more traffic to your website. Talking about the distribution of content, marketers will need to focus on both increasing the size of their available audience and increasing the number of distribution channels they have. Although it is not easy to increase the size of the audience however the constant delivery of valuable content across the distribution channels will help you get it accomplished.

These were something marketers will be paying their attention to in 2014 when it comes to content marketing. So here you have the details and we hope you will make its use as prudently as possible. Content marketing is for sure going to be here and rule the search engine ranking results, you better think about what needs to be done further in order to stay ahead of your competitors.


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