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The app stores are filled with tons of app, and the developers, as well as the businesses, know it.

There are around 2.2 million apps on the Apple App Store and 2.8 million apps on the Play Store.


With this fierce competition in every niche, to develop an app and get millions of downloads has become a tough job.

Yet developers keep trying a variety of ways to make their app stand, and one of the most popular ways is Content Marketing.

Since ages, businesses have been using content marketing in various forms to attract, engage, and sell to their potential customers.

Now the app developers are also leveraging the same strategy.

While the benefits of content marketing are enormous, it is still not easy to use content marketing in the right way to real all its benefits.

Content marketing doesn’t only involve creating content, but it involves creation plus promotion of the content at the same time.

If you start just to write content and place it on your website, either it won’t help you at all or take a very long time to show tiny results.

In this article, we’ll be discussing all the benefits of content marketing and how it can help an app business to grow and thrive in a competitive app market.

But before that, do you know exactly what content marketing is?

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing refers to the strategic creation and promotion of content to promote a brand.

It can be used for many other purposes as well like, creating brand awareness, driving leads, nurturing them, and increasing revenue.

When leveraging content marketing for selling your product or promoting your brand, you don’t directly pitch your product to your audience, but rather, you talk about a problem and how your product/service can help your audience solve it.

For instance, if you want to promote your app, you can’t write directly about your app features, but you need to raise a common problem of your target audience and tell them about how your app can help them to solve it.

Benefits of Content Marketing for Apps


Increased Brand Awareness

The most common reason why businesses go for content marketing is that it helps them boost brand awareness.

Your brand name is everything, and in order to make your potential customers trust your brand before any other brand, you need to work on it.

Content marketing allows you to share your brand story, and by creating thoughtful, inspiring, and engaging content.

You can establish a unique voice that eventually helps you to boost brand awareness. And the more people know about your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you.

More Engagement Rate

When running an app, you need your users to keep coming back to it, so how can you do it? Create and share engaging content with them through your app or a website.

When you create and share engaging content regularly, you give a reason for your audience to keep engaging with your app.

Here are some tips for creating content that seems engaging to your audience-
  • Use short and crisp paragraphs.
  • Use relevant images and videos.
  • Try to use easy to understand language with a lesser number of jargons and technical terms.
  • Use headings and subheads.
  • Add a relevant CTA.

Remember, adding a CTA is important so that your audience knows what they expected to do after reading the piece are.

Build Trust

When it comes to selling something, trust is everything.

None would buy from you unless they trust you, and to make your potential customers trust your brand, you need to keep interacting with them consistently. And that’s where content marketing can help.

With content marketing, you can keep talking to your potential customers and make them trust your brand.

Moreover, when you keep sharing relevant and helpful content, it makes your audience think that you’re an expert in a specific niche.

Once you build your image as an expert, the more people will trust you as an authoritative person in your niche, which will help you to boost the number of leads and make sales.

More Leads

Let’s face it: We want strategies that can help us get more leads. And content marketing can help us boost the number of leads.

As content marketing can be a huge source of traffic generation to both our app and its websites, it automatically boosts the name of leads. And when you get more leads, you automatically make more sales.

In addition to this, the conversion rate of content marketing is 6x higher than that of other marketing strategies, and it provides 4x higher ROI than any other marketing method. Do you still want to leverage content marketing?

Higher Ranking Keywords

You know that a big bunch of your potential users is roaming around the search engines finding a great app that fits their needs and that too related to your app. Do you want to lose those users? Of course, you don’t!

You need them to find you, understand your app, and finally download it, right? But how to do it? Enters content marketing.

One of the most prominent reasons why app businesses use content marketing is that it helps them to drive users through the search engines, and what helps them here are those high ranking keywords that direct the searchers to their website.

The keywords are mostly similar to the solutions that your app is providing, but if you want your content to drive traffic from the search engines, you need to create content that is SEO optimized.

Also, building quality backlinks for your website might also be of great help for ranking your page higher in the SERP.

Improves Sales

As mentioned above, the more leads you generate, the more sales you make, and this is the biggest benefit of content marketing.

Around 81% of retail shoppers conduct online research before buying something, so how can they not research your app before downloading it?

The fact is, most people do, and when you have a content marketing strategy, you allow those researchers to know about your app from various trustworthy sources.

In this way, you remove all their queries and increase the chances of them downloading your app.

These were some of the most important benefits of leveraging a content marketing strategy for an app.

However, you might not reap all these benefits unless you have an actionable content marketing strategy.

Ways To Promote App Through Content Marketing

Know Your Audience

First thing first, before creating a content marketing strategy, you need to know for whom you’re creating it.

Your audience need content that can engage them, and for this, you have to do extensive research on what kind of content your audience likes the most, where can they be found and how can you engage with them through your content?

The best way to nail this is by carefully observing your competitors. Research your competitors, understand who is their audience, and then, on that basis, create a user persona. Once you do it, you will easily get to answer the questions mentioned above.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Most of your potential users download your app via app distribution platforms like The Play Store and Apple’s App Store, and that’s where the get the first impression your app through the descriptions, images, reviews, and ratings.

So, to first make them find your app in the first place and then put a great first impression, you need an optimization strategy that is called the app optimization strategy.

Here some of the things that you need to consider while optimizing your app for various app marketplaces-
  • Add target keywords and phrases in the title and descriptions.
  • Write a short yet crisp description of your app.
  • Include relevant and appealing images of your app.
  • Try to use a short video for showing a product demo.

Have a Pre Launch Strategy

Creating a buzz before launching an app has its own set of perks. With a pre-launch strategy, you generate a sense of curiosity among your target audience.

This curiosity makes them immediately download your app once it is available in the app marketplaces.

To do this, you can leverage content marketing and use various forms of content like social media posts, blog posts, or videos to keep sharing and engaging with your target audience.

You can also reach out to influencers and ask them to share your app with their followers.

Guest Blogging

If done rightly, guest blogging can be a powerful means of reaching out to a predefined potential audience and promote your app.

Here’s how to do it-
  • Find out the websites that share content related to your app’s niche.
  • Research their previously posted content.
  • Jot down a list of 2-3 topics that you would like to write for them.
  • Create a rough draft for all the topics.
  • Pitch to their editors.
  • And once your idea gets approved, create actionable content, and indirectly share about your app through it. Try not to make it salesy.

To Wrap Up

Content marketing is undoubtedly one of the most popular marketing methods.

Be it B2B or B2C; content marketing is being used by all kinds of marketers for reaching their target audience and converting them into potential customers.

However, content marketing is a long term process, and in order to get the most out of it, you might need to keep creating content consistently for a few months so that it can get your considerable benefits.

Remember, be patient and keep creating content that is both engaging and helpful. And once you master it, you will start to enjoy the perks of content marketing for your app business.

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