They say digital Marketing industry will flourish in India as once IT industry did and you know what, the way digital marketing is growing in the country it has not remained a prediction any more. Thanks to Internet and mobiles!

Digital marketing has almost transformed the world of marketing and more or less every Business is shifting their budget from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

And, this exponential growth that digital marketing is going through has opened doors for all those who are longing to make a career in the field that is growing and will grow in future too.

However, the concern now is where and how to start if want to make a career in digital marketing. Although, interesting and very understandable, but there a few technicalities related with digital marketing that you must know to have expertise in it.

Let’s me walk you through a few things that will help you kick-start your career in digital marketing in better way.

A digital Marketing Experience

224 Like in any other industry, even recruiters in digital marketing industry prefer to hire somebody who is experienced and that who has practical knowledge of digital marketing tactics. But then, there is a difference, the experience that they require is not only the one a company gives you. You can even create your own experience. The idea is you should have hands-on experience on the technicalities, whether you are doing it for yourself or for an organization.

How to get a Digital marketing experience

214 Like we said just now you can create your own experience. And trust me there are numbers of people around who have established their career in digital marketing like this i.e. by creating their own digital marketing experience. You can do a lot of self-study with the help of e-Books, white papers, Webinars and so on, published by industry authorities such as Moz.com, DSIM and MarketingProfs.

Once, you have your concepts clear you can create your own digital marketing strategies and take initiatives. You can do it for your existing employer or even for your own digital marketing ventures or for both. Go ahead, experiment with different theories of digital marketing in order to figure out what works and what’s not. You might make mistakes but that you will learn a lot from them. Based on what you have learnt, experimented and found try creating your own theories. You never know when that one theory of yours that really worked can go viral and you can become an industry expert. Moreover, never get angry if people are trying to copy you as that simply tells that you are doing it right.

How to Pursue a Career in Digital Marketing

232 Whether you are already a marketing (traditional) professional or a working professional from a different field, you can step in to the digital marketing industry just any time. However, you need to have expertise in this field.

There are two ways you can kick start your career in digital marketing either by doing a self study or learning it from industry Gurus by attending proper type classroom training or online training. As far as doing it yourself is concerned, you can find a plethora of free and highly educational digital marketing content out there if you’re willing to search for it.

Create your own website and market it. You might fail initially and make mistakes but later on you will find that things started working for you. See what works and what’s not, and learn from your mistakes this is what experience is. Isn’t it?

Besides, they say-

“Experience is not what happens to a man, it is what a man does with what happens to him.”

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So, it is in your hand to have the kind of experience that matters to the industry. Hence go ahead and create your own experience.

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