Do you know link building keeps a great value for your marketing efforts?

Want to know, how?
  • Builds authority.
  • Drives referral traffic.
  • Enhances brand visibility.
  • Find new audiences.

When you’ve numbers of benefits, it becomes challenging to choose a few out of them or best out of them.

It might look irresistible, but you would use the following strategies that include-
  • Third-party outreach.
  • Business profile optimization.
  • Trade associations.
  • Industry affiliations.

Remember, backlinks are one among many factors the search engine algorithms use to rank a website.

Apart from this, you also need to consider technical site elements, on-page optimization, new content creation, and others.

Creating Content & Social to Efficacious Link Building

There are two essential parts of naturally generating authoritative backlinks to a website:

Authoritative backlinks generation to a website has two parts-
  • Creating high-quality links through high-quality content.
  • Advertising that content strategically.

For this reason, aligning content and social media efforts with your link building initiatives is crucial. In this article, I’ll be providing a variety of tactics to do just that.

This is why combining content and social media endeavors with your link building strategy are important.

Developing Link-Worthy Content

Producing high-quality content is the first step towards authoritative backlinks generation to your site, so let’s start with this.

It’s imperative that link building and content efforts are aligned right from the beginning, even before the process of content creation begins.

This will not only help you create the right type of content but also reach and engage key targets. It may include specific influencers, industry publications or other third-party websites.

To create valuable and link-worthy content, you can follow these following tactics-

Influencer Insights

Content partners including industry influencers or experts along with their unique insights could be a great idea.

This way you can offer valuable content to your audiences, further establish you as an expert leader in the industry, and motivate these influencers to share the asset with eminently targeted audiences.

This content could include:
  • Interview-style articles.
  • Roundups.
  • Lists of predictions or trends.

Be creative with the sort of content and perhaps your audiences will find it interesting too.

To start this is to identify influencers i.e. your link building targets.

You can use a tool like Followerwonk to find credible profiles related to the topic.

For instance, if you’re creating a content piece about The Top Artificial intelligence Predictions in 2019, you can use the tool to search Twitter bios that reference “Artificial Intelligence” or “AI”.

Then, pick by Social Authority and Followers to get the best opportunities.

Once your article is published, get in touch with them to make them know you’ve given them credit in your article.



Go for comprehensive research work by preparing a list of certain valuable questions.

If you’re not getting ideas for the questions, look around the web.

Once you are complete with the research work, distribute it across social media as this will help in generating organic links.

Furthermore, consider ways to further align your research work with link building strategies from the beginning.

You can use BuzzSumo to search for a keyword/topic to find profiles which share similar content.


Advertising Content Strategically

Now, you have your content, so it’s time to promote it appropriately and strategically.

You can use the following ways to promote your content-

Direct Outreach

It would be a good step to approach your connections directly through a direct message on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

It would be good to create a personalized message to make your connections feel important.

Use tools like FollowerWonk and BuzzSumo to know who shared your content in the past, and may show interest furthermore.

There is also an option to set up Google Alerts utilizing related keywords to know specific articles or sites that would get advantage from linking to the asset.



Paid advertising on social media can also be a great option.

Now, you’ve made a tremendously link-worthy content, ensure it reaches your key targets.

You can also target particular profiles and their followers.


Aligning your content and social media efforts can offer great link building results.

But, the whole concept revolves around a strategy.

In this article, you will find a solid strategy for link building by combining content and social media endeavors.

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