If you are struggling to increase your traffic with content, it’s time to start applying more innovative strategies such as the “Skyscraper technique.”

If you are posting a new article daily and it is a bad post then it’s no less than no post at all. Instead of posting daily, create 10x times better exceptional content.

To drive quality results to your blog, ensure to spend quality time on creating outstanding articles that will help your readers.  And, make sure to post only exceptional content that everyone wants to share and link out to.

Here DSIM brings a case study on Skyscraper technique which will change the way you have been looking at SEO.

What Is Skyscraper Technique?

Brian Dean founder of Backlinko first introduced the term “Skyscraper technique”.

It is a technique for turning content into high quality backlinks and more social shares.

It is one of the most interesting strategies to grow a successful blog.  You can use this technique to increase your overall search traffic ranking.

Benefits of Skyscraper Technique

This technique helps you-

  • Build high-quality content that is useful for your readers
  • Increase your social shares
  • Increase overall backlinks (most important for off-page SEO) to your blog posts.
  • Increase your blog comments
  • Increase your authority
  • Increase your blog exposure
  • Increase your overall blog traffic from search engines
  • Build strong relationships with other bloggers

All in all, this technique uses a verified content creation framework that lets you simply increase up rankings on Google and get you more blog readers.

How it works:

It’s about following the steps:

  • Choose the keyword you want to target.
  • Take a look at Google top results for this keyword.
  • Analyse their content.
  • Create an exceptional piece of your own content on this topic. (More educating, more engaging, more detailed, etc.)
  • Jump to Ahrefs and check for websites backlinking to those Google top results you’ve analyzed.
  • Research the websites’ contact details.
  • Reach out to them and present your amazing piece of content suggesting to link back to your website.
  • Rinse, repeat, and enjoy the surge of backlinks.

Skyscraper Technique in Nutshell

  1. Find link-worthy content and a keyword that you want to target
  2. Make content better than everything
  3. Start emailing influencers or right people

#1 Research & Find Link-worthy Content

You need to continue your research by looking for keyword variations. These keyword variants can help multiply your content’s reach when included in your piece of content.

Brian called this ‘LINKABLE ASSETS’. A linkable asset is the high-quality, shareable content that influencers can’t wait to share with their audiences.

Here are the following tools for the Skyscraper technique-

  • Google Alerts (for keywords related to topics you want to explore)
  • Buzzsumo(to find the most- shared topic ideas or keywords around your niche)
  • Moz(for finding top pages with more links to your competitor sites)
  • ahrefs Content Explorer(this also give you social metrics and onsite metrics to find better topics in any industry)


 Here’s an example…


The total word count of this article is only 1,350 words; it was shared over 10K times on social media – that makes an ideal topic to implement the Skyscraper Technique on.

Use Moz Open Site Explorer to find the top pages of your competitor sites and find out who linked to them most.


#2 Making content Better

Once you find specific keyword and you can see that the top posts on Google Searches have a significant amount of backlinks. Now it’s time to create your own creative content that is better than everything to get better results for your blog.

It should be-
  • Exceptional value post
  • More Longer
  • Well-researched
  • More Up-to-date
  • More Engaging
  • More Detailed
  • More Appealing article than your competitor’s post.

You need to cover all the information that will set your content apart.

Note: One thing you should keep in mind is that longer isn’t always better, mainly if you’re going to be filling the content with a lot of fuzz words or useless information.

Instead, if you’re able to write comprehensive content that’s filled with useful information including practical videos, images, and improves the user experience overall, then you’re assured to became visible ahead of most of the competition.

When you are done with crafting most outstanding content for your blog, it’s now time to promote it to the right people to get some rewards from your hard work.

#3 Outreach to the right person

Email outreach is the essential of the Skyscraper Technique. It will make or break this technique.

First, instead of emailing random people, you’re reaching out to people that have already linked out to similar content.

You have to know all about your prospects, like:
  • They run a site in your niche.
  • They’re interested in your topic.
  • They’ve already linked to an article on that topic.

You can use Buzzsumo and enter the keywords you used on your blog posts to find out who shared the similar contents in your niche.

You can also use Ahrefs to find out the contact details of the people who related to the content you are motivated from Buzzsumo or Open Site Explorer.

By using Ahrefs, you can simply download the contact details in either CSV or PDF form and copy them into a spreadsheet and exclude all the undesirable pages like forums, directories etc.

You need to send “personalized” messages to influencers to guarantee a success rate for outreach emails.


You can twist them and use them for your skyscraper outreach campaign.

Now that you’ve cold emailed all your target influencers, you’ll need to start following up.

If you follow up correctly and create a win-win atmosphere in your initial pitch, chances are you’ll get 10% to 20% positive response.

Here are few effective tips to write emails that get a response from influencers.
  • Write a spectacular subject line
  • Keep your email short and sweet
  • Serve before you seek help
  • Always use their names and NEVER send automated emails
  • Follow up


Skyscraper technique is suggested for novice bloggers to take their blogs from scratch to great height.

Ensure to spend extra time in creating longer content, adding exciting images, making your content SEO friendly by better optimizing them and promoting it to the right people.

It’s also significant to focus on writing great emails to the busy bloggers and get a reply.  If you don’t get an answer from your first email, don’t give up; follow them up with write another email until they send you a reply.

Yes, it will take hard work to write your skyscraper article and get it out there. But once you’ve done it, you’ll be way ahead of the competition.

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