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Growth Journey of Domino’s

Social Media Campaign

Twitter Campaign

Snapchat Campaign


Journey of Domino’s


It was in 1960 when two brothers Tom and James Monaghan purchased DomiNick’s for $900 and opened the first Domino’s pizza in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Moving ahead in the growth journey, in 1965, Tom became the sole owner of the company and in 1967 opened the first franchise of the pizza chain and from then it never turned back. Till the end of 1980, Domino’s has opened more than 5,000 stores.

Domino’s started to grow its menu choices and added bread sticks, chicken wings and flavored pizza crusts in the year 1990. In the same year, the brand started its 30 minute guarantee delivery options. Moving ahead, Domino’s launched its website in 1996. The sale was increasing day by day and with more targeted marketing, the company recorded sales of $3.36 billion.

In 2007, Domino’s started online and mobile ordering, and in 2008 it launched a feature to track their deliveries online.


In the year 2011, Domino’s launched mobile app and from then the image of the brand completely changed. Suffering from the negative reviews from past decade, the company appointed Patrick Doyle as CEO in 2010, who was well enough to drive Domino’s towards 21st century.

The company spent a total of 18 months and millions of dollars to create a completely new recipe for its pizzas and update its online ordering system to be more efficient.

Social media, which was once considered a disaster for the brand, changed totally and helped in revamping its brand. Today, Domino’s is witnessing over 13.2 million fans on Facebook, with more than a million followers on Twitter and more than 773K followers on Instagram.

Social Media Campaign

Domino’s digital campaign started with CEO J. Patrick Doyle speaking directly to consumers in a TV advertisement. Now, every part of Domino’s has included digital component in its marketing strategy. Social media is now the strength for Domino’s, and the brand is in the strongest position than ever.

Order through Twitter using emojis: In May 2015, Domino’s launched its one of the most successful marketing campaign via social media channel to order pizza. Twitter was selected as the main lorry to order through social platform. Customers had an option to make an order using a series of methods including Twitter, mobile application, smart-watch, Samsung smart TV, and even through Ford Sync cars. With Domino’s tweet-to-eat process, customers tweet #EasyOrder or a pizza slice emoji to @Dominos.


Coupons and Discounts: Coupons and online deals are a great way to generate more customers for the brand. The social media platform often posts deals and coupons for online only deals. That’s the reason more people follow brands via social media to get promotional deals and discounts.

Snapchat Campaign: Domino’s Pizza added just another piece to its social media strategy with launching its own Snapchat channel. The brand launched short film ‘Dough to Door’ which played across Snapchat for 24 hours as a Snapchat Story. The video was followed by the journey of a delivery boy who faces a lot of obstacles in his mission to deliver the pizza to a customer including an alien invasion. Viewers were shown a sequence of random letters throughout the film that contribute to a unique discount code which can then be used to place an order online.


Domino’s Twitter Campaign proved that the company totally understands the strength of social media marketing and knows how to get more and more customers. Social media is not limited to just posting contents but it is lots more than it. Responding to customers query means a lot in social media marketing.

Domino’s has got huge success as a result of its continuous and targeted marketing efforts via social media and by actively engaging with the customers, the brand is on the way of brand success and popularity.

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