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What you will find in this case study?

1) About the company

2) Strategies adopted by AT&T

3) Social media strategy

4) Content Strategy

5) How AT&T promoted content

6) Results Achieved

About the company


AT&T is an American Company headquartered in Texas and deals with fixed telephony and mobile phones as well as routers and broadband in the US. The company is second largest mobile telephone provider and the largest provider of fixed telephone in the US.

AT&T began in 1875 with founder Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone. During the 1800’s, AT&T became the parent company of the Bell system.

In 2014, the company was on the 23rd position in terms of market value, assets and revenues. It was 16th non-oil company in the US. Counting on the revenue, AT&T is the largest telecom company across the globe. Currently, the company is 17th largest mobile telecom operator in the world with more than 130 million mobile users.

Strategies adopted by AT&T

The company wanted to take a new approach in order to build heavily favored relationships via social media. For that they adopted several strategies that included social media strategy and content strategy.

Social Media Strategy

The company started “Networking Exchange”, a B2B blog. With content, the company targeted only the person with same interest over the social media platforms. AT&T leveraged Twitter and LinkedIn in their marketing strategy that proved a huge success for them in very less span of time.

Content Strategy

Getting unique content is always a challenge for any company and AT&T was also one such. Earlier the company was using content focusing on their products and technologies which was changes to target the business people. The company got connected with the users in their local language. The company posted new and unique content to engage more and more users.

How AT&T Promoted content?

The company mainly leveraged Twitter and LinkedIn to interact with their customers. Here is how they used these two platforms.

  • Twitter: AT&T knows how important role Twitter can play in promoting a business. The company for the same purpose started engaging their customers over the platform and builds a relevant network. A lot of tools were taken in action to target the relevant users.


The social media marketing team regularly gets engage with the targeted group of people and gives frequent replies to the tweets and retweets. The content from their blog “Network Exchange” were also retweeted by the social media team of the company under their marketing strategy. Currently the company has over 768K followers over the platform.

  • LinkedIn: The Company used a number of methods on LinkedIn to select people from the group who were relevant enough in a similar manner. There are more than 10K employees in their employee LinkedIn group to serve their customers. Interactions were performed in the discussion groups and questions were answered giving the helpful solutions. It has a current follower base of more than 571K.

Results achieved

AT&T Inc. successfully leveraged the power of social media marketing. The customized and unique blog posts helped the company in user engagement. The audience’s reaction towards the unique and valuable content was extraordinary. By totally changing the way to communicate with their customers, user engagement over social media was hugely increased. AT&T Inc. in just 18 months, the company started and leveraged social media in its marketing strategy that resulted with $47 million in the new business.

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