Want to drive immense traffic from the most popular blogs ruling the web?

Here are 4 blogs and their secrets to lead the web.

1) Huffington Post


Currently, Huffington Post is enjoying its huge number of monthly visitors i.e. 16.7 million.

Officials of Huffington Post reveal that the blog was never meant to be a business. But, ever since its inception in 2005, the site started getting the best ranking and became 154th most popular blog in the world.

The Secret of Success: Publish with a Purpose

At the start, it was a political news site to inform the users about imperative global issues.

The idea resonated with people.

There was finally a website providing unbiased news stories including opinion pieces from both sides. The need for the public for real and raw political news was lastly satisfied.

This resulted in taking the Huffington Post way ahead of Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal in no time.

Huffington Post content team always kept traffic on the back of the mind and publishing useful, and relevant content at the front.

How to Hack the Secret

Huffington post couldn’t handle the quickly gained popularity and thus focused on publishing content based on keywords, enhancing conversion rates, and enticing cost per click.

So, here are some takeaways from Huffington Post’s content strategy-
  • Have you asked your audience directly what they find interesting to read?
  • Do you know the pain points of your consumers, along with their fears, needs, and desires?
  • Do you have the data to support this, or are you assuming this is what they looking for?
  • What is the chief goal of this content?

Don’t swerve far away from the goal of your content.

Remember, don’t prefer creating content for Google or driving clicks, but also keep users in mind.

Optimizing for conversions is directly proportional to content creation for humans. Create content that serves the purposes of humans, not just search engines.

2) Business Insider


Business Insider with 30 million website visitors every month is surely one of the fastest growing global financial, media, and tech blogs.

The secret of Business Insider’s success

Business Insider focused on digital content right from the beginning rather than print or broadcasting content.

They already predicted that their target audience was heading and exceed the progress of the curve.

Today, the requirement of digital content creation is no longer a secret. So what is new or distinguish in its existing content strategy.

Secrets of master content strategy of Business Insider-
  • They look into inside scoop first.
  • They bring the latest news stories at first.
  • They constantly chase leads.
  • They continuously update their articles by including new facts as soon as possible.

They instantly go for the story first, and drive first clicks, and circulate trending content swiftly.

How to Hack the Secret

Business Insider gets traffic from a mix of direct, organic, social, and email marketing resources.

This suggests that you can have a ubiquitous content strategy by creating content on time and marketing it to the right platforms.

Business Insider focuses on evergreen as well as trending content.

This way you can know this strategy by creating content which entices your audience and harnesses the momentum of trending keywords.

3) TMZ


TMZ is another blog, but in a different niche that rules its industry with 13.8 million estimated monthly visitors.

TMZ is popular for breaking the biggest stories in the entertainment world.

There is no official data of TMZ’s success, but we can spy it through our marketing knowledge.

The Secret is ‘Tipsters’

The major source of information for TMZ is their Tipsters.

Tipsters are their experts “on the ground”. These people go for digging for their inside scoop.

These people are not directly recruited for TMZ, rather given incentives to provide to reveal sensitive and sensational information to the magazine.

How to Hack the Secret

The notion of “tipsters” unsurprisingly resonates to another sort of content strategy: expert-generated content.

This can be webinars, podcasts, guest posts, roundup posts, video content, and even expert interviews.

TMZ produces content mass content using this content strategy.

Tipsters concept may look unaffordable for beginners, but if you dare to adopt it, you can win the race.

4) The Verge


The Verge is an assortment of different niches and therefore referred to as “Jack of all trades” publication house.

The Verge grabs 11.6 million monthly visitors within just 8 years of launch.

They publish articles, guidebooks, podcasts, and feature interviews.

There’s a proverb in marketing: “The riches are in the niches.”

Since the publication doesn’t have a clear niche, so what’s the secret of their huge traffic?

The Secret is Referral Websites

An official of the publication house, also an Alexa pundit said that the blog generates its major traffic from sites like footlocker.com, finishline.com, sneakernews.com, and nike.com. All these sites are engaged in selling major shoe and athletic apparel.

This whole information tells that the majority of the Verge’s traffic comes from the referral websites. The sites chiefly refer to the blog’s product reviews.

Apart from referral traffic, The Verge team boosts the blog’s authority as well.

How to Hack the Secret

The Verge says if you write for affiliate products and focuses on driving traffic from affiliate websites, consider following points-

  • Reviews their products.
  • Offers comparisons of their products with other competitors.

By publishing content that provides value to other sites in your industry, you have the opportunity to create a whole additional traffic source beyond organic search.

If you publish content that offers value to other sites in your industry, you have the chance to make complete additional traffic apart from organic search.


How to dig traffic for your website?

It’s easy. Jump onto the content strategy of leading websites and figure out how they drive traffic on their websites.

Learn from the 4 examples mentioned above.

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