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Facebook Live is a live stream feature where brands & people can post videos in real-time. It is the most essential part of Facebook’s constantly growing set of services and is exponentially good for Facebook engagement.

It is one of the most inspiring social media strategies available to brands today, and is what we will discuss about in this case study.

We’ve seen that people comment more than 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos. — Facebook Newsroom, April 2016

It was introduced in December 2015 and a lot of companies have explored it since then, streaming everything from company visits, behind the scene and live events to special messages and product launches.

Brands Using Facebook Live

Brands on Facebook are not new, but they’re finding ways to leverage live video format with increasing success and frequency. One of the prime ways that brands engage audiences through video is by teaming up with celebrities and influencers.

Facebook Live is changing the way brands share videos, and promoting a much more intimate, immediate relationship between brands and audience members.

From fashion industry to media industry, social marketers who are investing in connecting the power of this raw, available video platform are experiencing more engagement and relations with Facebook users than ever before.

Here are 4 convincing examples of Facebook Live videos from top brands, along with take-home tips for your own brand.

#1 Target

Target  is one of the largest retailers in the world, selling discounted items such as apparels, toys, homewares, and many more. Plus, 23+ million people like their Facebook page.

They used Facebook live to deliver behind the scenes shots of Gwen Stefani’s new video before the release of it. This was to build awareness of the video coming out and to communicate effective to their audience about the new thing due to release.

With a 1:52 minutes video, the behind the scene is good for keeping the audience engaged. It received 75K views, 200+ comments and 1.7K likes.

Target’s Facebook video tactic implicates engaging with their fans and for fans to engage with other fans. Target’s videos aren’t just there to promote their products but also to let people know why they should buy them and how they can be used in engaging ways.

What makes this video unique?

This was a smartest move by Target, to line up themselves alongside a respected industry figure and getting substantial exposure for their new clothing collection.

What your brand can try?

Facebook Live is an excellent place to roll out and/or spotlight a new product, exclusively if it is a product that looks good in action or has an air of mystery to it.

#2 AirBnB & Disney

AirBnB and Disney have partnered to create an AirBnB Treehouse, hosting the cast of movie The Jungle Book, which has more than 1.2 million likes on its Facebook page.

This got a lot of attention to both Disney and Airbnb for this as the live stream was popular.

As part of this partnership The Jungle Book’s Facebook page live streamed interviews from the red carpet at the premiere.

With AirBnB being a popular online homestay network that allows people rental accommodation and Disney being a famous producer of children’s movies, the partnership between the two is a first that no one will ever forget.

The Facebook Live stream from the treehouse is 1 hour and 23 minutes long. Despite that, 112K people have watched the video, 1.6K commented and 1.7K liked it.

What makes this video unique?

AirBnB/Disney’s Facebook Live approach is about taking fans behind the scenes of the movie so they can see how it was made, as well as making fans wait in eagerness by showing them short clips from the movie.

What your brand can try?

Everyone loves the rich and prominent, so post videos of celebrity interviews, red-carpet sneak peeks, commercials, the making of a movie or song. To increase brand awareness, make sure the content reflects your brand.

#3 New York Times

You’ll find breaking news, opinions and program on a variety of topics, including entertainment, sports, travel, and business at New York Times. The company’s Facebook page has a huge 14 million likes.

Their Facebook Live strategy is all about presenting people what’s happening around the world on video. From the news and live interactive reporting, to TV shows and movies, there are a lot of things you can watch and you also get to learn new stuff too.

New York Times’ featured video of the world’s best gymnast, Simone Biles, has caught the world by gale. She is young, skilled and talented. She can do things no athlete has ever done before.

This 9 minute video has been viewed over 231K times, has 5K likes and 700+ comments.

What makes this video unique?

Videos don’t have to be about your products or services to be successful. At the end of the day, you want people to be able to remember the experience you gave them, which will help keep your brand at the top of their minds.  New York Times nailed it in this context.

What your brand can try?

Live video needs to be motivating, engaging and worth watching. Also keep your audience engaged by adding pieces of new and unexpected information as the video goes on. You can even add short interview clips with an expert or celebrity.

#4 Chevrolet

Chevrolet is “one of the biggest automotive brands in the world”. The company sells millions of cars and trucks a year and over 18 million people like their page on Facebook.

Its Facebook Live strategy comprises sharing ideas and tips on cars, promoting their new car models, and even celebrating special days like birthdays and car anniversaries.

Chevrolet introduced their latest model, the electric 2017 Bolt EV, at the CES 2016 tradeshow.

The video was live, which means people could watch the show in real time and see the launch of Chevrolet’s new car at the same time as those at the tradeshow.

The show was 25 minutes long and got a massive 58K views, 1.7K likes, and 837 comments.

What makes this video unique?

Product launches are a great use case for live streaming, where super fans can get the exclusive before anyone else.

What your brand can try?

Use Facebook Live to give your Facebook fans an up-close-and-personal view of your organization’s inner workings and feel-good moments.

Key Takeaways

You can use Facebook Live to engage your audience in thrilling and personal new ways, from celebrity interviews and behind-the-scenes footages, to Q&As and conversations with your audience.

Live videos offer a direct path to engage with users in real-time. Facebook is an interesting platform for business to be able to promote and effectively communicate with their audience.

This offers brands with immediate feedback and can be able to deal with any grievances or request that people may have instead of calling up or going into store which makes it more useful for customers.

To take away from this case study, it is clear that Facebook should be the main platform for brands to operate their digital marketing strategy to be able to target the highest amount of users of all social media platforms.

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