If you’re looking for a strong content marketing strategy, consider to follow the footsteps of experienced marketers.

Content marketing is one of the essential elements of branding and you would find numbers of successful content marketing examples around you, for instance, Netflix.

Netflix is a streaming service that enables its audience to watch different sorts of award-winning TV shows, movies, and web-series through the internet-connected device.

In no time, Netflix has become the most-watched streaming service. The reason behind the success is its superb content marketing strategies.

Here are some of noticeable content marketing points from Netflix branding house.

1) First Task is to Collect Audience Data

If you browse the web, you would find a wide variety of scholarly articles on content marketing.

And every article will be saying to focus on strategy development, content creation, content promotion, and conversions, but the most important thing is not included in this list.

Then what is it?

Audience, this is what comes first, says Barry W. Enderwick, Netflix’s former director of customer acquisition and conversion.

Yes, it’s true, considering the amount of today’s content on the web isn’t engaging customers- social posts get fewer interactions, blog posts have least numbers of shares and millions of videos have approx. no views.

The reason for all above cramps tells they “don’t know the audience”.

Barry W. Enderwick said: “go hard on data and create data-driven content”.

So, how to do this-

Here are some tips to create your data-
  • Get the keywords which your customers use to search for things associated with your business.
  • See which blog they prefer to read.
  • Run surveys on social media.
  • Explore industry statistics.
  • A Data-Driven Content Example

How Buffer Utilizes Its Audience Data?

Buffer is the simplest social media tool that essentially focuses on customer’s social data.

The primary customers are social media marketers, marketers working for brands and others who aim to generate fast ROI.

Therefore, marketers look for authentic and proven strategies to make social media work better for their clients.

Buffer provides that ultimate data.

Buffer’s algorithm knows marketers look to see “how social is working for other brands” and due to this Buffer creates content around that.


So, data-driven content needs to be emphasized like who your customers are, their location, behavior, choices, age, and others.

2) Bring Improved Content Every Time to Deliver Better User Experience

A simple content piece is no more effective in attracting an audience.

To make your content noticeable even at least for a few seconds, you need to provide a better experience over the previous one.

Take the example of Cornell Ross, a fabulous creator of funny Instagram videos and got more than 1 million followers.

But, he knows clearly, every time he has to come with better videos.

For example, see this-

Netflix 2

Moral of the story is that you need to put effort if you want better and better results from the earlier one. Whatever you’re creating, your content should have the “more” from the earlier installment.

3) When Create Content, Keep Traffic & Conversions as Goals

There are two crucial things when you’re trying to bring traffic and conversions through your content- what is your content about and how it converts.

Data collection is important, but the promotion is equally important.

See the example of the Wall Street Journal

Netflix 3

The Journal firstly offers users a peek into their articles and then asks them to read the full article after making the required payment.

This way, the Journal is developing content that promotes itself as well as sells their product.

If your creation is performing the same way, that is great. But, in case you won’t find similar performance, create data-driven content that promotes your brand.


If you want your content marketing techniques to excel, consider learning from the experts.

Here is the example of Netflix, an extremely popular streaming service which shared its views on how to content marketing that confirms desired success.

With these three above-mentioned points, you will learn how to do effective content marketing.

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