You may have heard this famous quote, “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”.

The ad examples are shown in this study to reveal the same theory and have given an ever-best performance on the internet.

Let’s see these examples-

1) New Jersey Devils used Facebook lead ads brilliantly

A brand consumes a story behind its and New Jersey Devils had the same inspiration for the ever most successful Facebook ads.

New Jersey Devils were a National Hockey League franchise back in the early 2000s. The last few iterations of the team had a mixed performance. Prior to last, the team had missed the playoffs five years running.

But, in the last season, they made it to the playoffs but didn’t move further from the first round. Although the Devils was all around in New Jersey.

This happened as they leveraged through Facebook lead ads.

Internet 1

The lead ad is an in-app ad format allowing prospects to submit their contact details without leaving Facebook. These ads convert to leads at 2.07% higher rate against landing pages. Their campaign was processed in three steps-

1) The franchise created a Facebook event for a team-hosted open house where prospects could know more about season ticket membership. They then used Custom Audiences to render that to earlier subscribers.

2) Two variations of lead ads were created, one had a ticket sign up CTA and another had the open house. Again custom audiences were used to render them to a high-intent base of prospects.

dsim-image 3) The franchise them remarketed prospects from the prior two phases to those who haven’t filled the form yet.

This campaign run from May 31 to August 7 of 2018, generating 12X return on ad spend and not only this. There were 32% more leads on a new email campaign and got more than 700 total leads.

2) CordaRoy’s customer lookalikes strategy gets 9x result

CordaRoy is a furniture merchant and offers extremely comfy beds and sofas like furniture. They showed their potential through Facebook video ads


CordaRoy used Facebook video ad to show how really the Bean Bag works in full effect. The team opted Facebook’s Reach, Brand Awareness campaigns and CPM bidding to reach a mass of new prospects.

CordaRoy also used customer lookalike audiences. Apart from this strategy, they used remarketing tactics on the basis of site traffic.

What was the result of all these strategies?

CordaRoy gained a 44X increase in revenue, 9X return on ad spend and 12,012 purchases from this Facebook campaign.

3) Lyft banks on Uber’s brand name

The US ride-share market data of October 2017 reveals that Uber captured 72% and Lyft captured 25% of the overall market. In 2018, the figure changed and Uber had 69% and Lyft had 28%. Not only this, Lyft’s revenue is growing twice as speedy as Uber is.

As per data, Uber is the leader in the ride-share service market in the US, but Lyft is offering a substantial rise.

How all this is happening?

The root of success in search marketing.

Understand the whole scenario in this way-

Lyft uses competitor marketing tactic and bids on Uber’s brand name as a keyword. Actually, you bid on competitor’s businesses’ brand names to turn navigational search queries into impressions.


Competitor targeting offers three essential benefits-
  • It’s an inexpensive tactic because of low competition.
  • You can create your brand awareness.
  • You’re aware of driving highly relevant impressions.

Lyft is eminently letting people know about their existence and there is an alternative to Uber ride-share service in the US.

Competitor targeting has benefits as well as some drawbacks-
  • There could be a bidding war between you and your competitor.
  • You may not as high CTR as high you want.
Pertinently, here is the secret of Lyft’s great online advertising-
  • Targets users who show interest either in becoming a driver or getting a ride
  • Create brand awareness that actually made through YouTube and Display.


You would like to rock the internet with your ad expertise.

To achieve an assured success, you may need successful examples.

Here are 3 search and social ad examples that made the internet awesome.

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