Career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has been crucial in bridging the gap between the ultimate consumers and businesses.

According to a report by Statista, 658 million people are actively using the internet.

Building a career in digital marketing and becoming a digital marketer has become one of the most preferable career choices in recent years as well.

Before diving deep into the different careers in digital marketing, let us take a look at what is digital marketing all about.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to promoting and advertising a company, individual, good, or service through online channels and internet-connected devices.

Digital marketing techniques include practices such as social media marketing, email marketing, and the generation of leads and sales through search engine optimization and paid advertising like Google ads and other paid platforms.

Digital marketing is frequently seen as an easy technique for businesses to interact with customers and understand their behavior.

It has some of the same ideas as traditional marketing. Traditional and digital marketing strategies are frequently combined by businesses.

Scope of Digital Marketing

India’s major economy is currently experiencing the world’s fastest growth rate and is expected to rank among the top 10 economies by 2030.

With the arrival of Reliance Jio, India has experienced a significant surge in internet users, surpassing the USA in terms of overall users. This provides additional opportunities for digital marketers to reach the target demographic.

Due to the industry’s sizable and expanding market, there are many work prospects for marketers in the digital marketing sector.

In Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and other big cities, there are a lot of advertising businesses trying to hire more people.

As a result, there is a tonne of digital marketing organizations ready to provide digital marketing courses in SEO, social media, and other areas at a reasonable cost.

No matter what industry you work in, whether it be hospitality, production, media, etc., businesses are begging to go digital because individuals are using the internet less willingly these days.

Where to Get Digital Marketing Job Roles/ Opportunities?

You might opt to work as a digital marketing specialist in one of the following three categories of workplaces depending on your interests.

An even greater opportunity exists for a career in digital marketing due to the nature of the work and the variety of job profiles.

1. An Organization Using Digital Marketing

The most sensible place to get a job is in a company/organization where digital platforms are utilized in marketing efforts.

You can also decide to work for a specific company or brand that is actively utilizing digital marketing for its expansion.

When you work for a specific company, as opposed to a digital marketing firm where you have more variety, you get an in-depth experience.

2. Digital Marketing Agency

Numerous small, midsize, and large digital marketing companies offer a range of digital marketing services to their clients, including SEO, SEM, social media marketing, etc.

A digital marketing service must now be provided by even traditional advertising agencies.

If you work for such an agency, you will have the chance to work with a variety of clients and appreciate the variety of marketing jobs.

Although it would be virtually hard to dig deeper for a certain client unless you were working for a specific brand, you are unlikely to develop depth.

3. Digital Marketing Tools Provider

Working for tool or platform businesses like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Adobe, and Salesforce is another way to advance your career in digital marketing.

When compared to working at an agency or a brand, the type of job and related learning in various kinds of firms would vary greatly.

Such employment prospects are also scarce, but they come with substantially greater pay.

4. Freelance Opportunities

Professionals and freelancers in the field of digital marketing have a wide range of options and specializations they might pursue.

Because there are so many alternatives, if you choose to work in digital marketing, you can experience a wide variety of things.

It makes sense to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of working in this industry as a freelancer.

Depending on your preferences, you can start out as a freelancer by investigating several fields.

There is probably a niche in the world of digital marketing for you, regardless of whether your area of expertise is brand management, SEO, advertising, content development, or a mix of these.

Platforms like Upwork, Toptal, Freelancer, Craigslist, Guru, Peopleperhour, and Fiverr can help you get freelance opportunities.

Career in Digital Marketing

1. Digital Media Managers

Designing multi-channel campaigns to increase awareness of and encourage the adoption of a brand, product, or service is the focus of this marketing position.

The choice of the brand’s digital strategy and messaging falls under the responsibility of digital media managers.

They begin by evaluating the company’s strengths in paid, owned, and earned media.

Then, they employ a variety of channels, including pay-per-click advertisements, Google display advertisements, websites and blogs, social media presence, online reviews, etc.

Each of these channels offers distinct advantages like brand exposure, consumer preference, and trust.

In more detail, lead creation and customer acquisition are the two main objectives of digital media management.

People with an analytical mindset who can benchmark performance and foresee outcomes in line with the details of customer behavior are needed in this profession.

The Average Annual Salary of a Digital Marketing Manager is Rs. 7.1 Lakhs per anum.

2. PPC Managers

These marketing experts optimize PPC campaigns by using budgeting, keyword research, improved copy, thorough search techniques, etc.

PPC managers are expected to manage a variety of ad formats, including paid search engine advertising, Bing ads, and Google Display.

All in all, they support activities that help achieve the stated goals and implement strategies for their clients.

PPC managers have one of the highest salaries among digital marketing positions in India due to demand and remuneration.

The Average Annual Salary of a PPC Manager is Rs 10,48,883.

3. SEO and SEM Specialists

Pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, and other strategies are used in search engine marketing (SEM).

You would have the responsibility of making sure that your company appears in the top results when your target prospects conduct online searches for a specific topic.

SEM/SEO managers now hold some of the highest-paying digital marketing jobs in India due to the excessive and expanding demand.

To build a strong business case for SEM spending, you would also manage online campaigns and update websites that drive search results (such as blogs and RSS feeds).

Dealing with money – both your own and that of others – is the stuff of dreams, and so becoming an SEO specialist is one of the finest digital marketing careers in India.

The Average Annual Salary of an SEO/SEM Manager is Rs 360,098 (entry-level) and Rs 975,000 (mid-senior level).

4. Content Marketer/Strategists

Content is a crucial component of this work, as the description says. Content writing for the internet is known as content marketing.

It is possible to do this by creating material for blogs, videos, email newsletters, social media, etc.

The fundamental goal of a content marketer is to produce worthwhile content and distribute it through appropriate channels in order to draw in and keep an audience while also boosting website traffic.

One’s responsibilities as a content marketer include operating a blog, creating drip campaigns, copywriting, guest blogging, PR, and video production.

The Average Annual Salary of a Content Marketer/Strategist is Rs 360,098 (entry-level) and Rs 975,000 (mid-senior level).

5. E-Commerce Specialist

E-commerce has become one of the highest-paying digital marketing careers in digital marketing globally over the past few years, offering retailers a practical option.

A sizable percentage of the overhead costs can be avoided because there is no need for physical space.

The omnichannel strategy is used by the majority of large firms, which augments traditional marketing efforts with an online presence.

However, all businesses have had to reconsider their strategy in light of COVID-19.

It is one of the top-paying positions in digital marketing available right now. E-commerce specialists now hold some of the highest-paying positions for e-commerce specialists in India due to the excessive and expanding demand.

E-commerce experts are skilled at placing the right buttons and writing appropriate descriptions for product sites.

By doing this, businesses raise conversion rates and enhance the consumer experience.

They also work together to define a lead generation and sales goals with cross-functional teams (sales and marketing).

The Average Annual Salary of an E-Commerce Specialist is Rs 3,00,000 (starting); Rs 10,86,571 (mid-career).

6. Social Media Marketer

Social media marketing, as its name suggests, is all about controlling a company’s visibility on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.

A full social media plan for a business is also designed and carried out by social media specialists.

Social media managers’ responsibilities include developing a social media strategy, producing material in accordance with it, publishing that content, and monitoring important metrics like follower engagement, reach, and impressions.

Additionally, paid advertising must be done on websites like Facebook and Instagram to increase the number of leads that can ultimately become paying clients.

The Average Annual Salary of a Social Media Marketer is Rs 3,42,814.

7. Brand Marketing Expert

It is becoming more crucial to spend time and money on digital brand creation as consumers and businesses have a larger online presence.

Companies can no longer avoid receiving negative product ratings and receiving subpar customer service. Digital media also offer a tonne of chances for participation and narrative.

The narrative of an organization communicates its principles to its target audience through its website and social media platforms.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of brand marketing specialists to use their ingenuity to pique the interest and persuade the purchasing intentions of your target demographic.

One area where brand marketing specialists can leverage their ingenuity and communication skills to influence purchasing intentions is the role of an SEO consultant. The SEO consultant job profile aligns with the responsibility of creating a digital brand and communicating its principles to the target audience.

They must have a keen eye for detail and strong communication skills in order to carry out these tasks.

A brand that is in line with the overall vision and business plan can persuade and win the trust of your prospects.

The Average Annual Salary of a Brand Marketing Expert is Rs. 10,77,700.

8. Marketing Analyst

To help ensure the effectiveness of organic and sponsored efforts, marketing analysts use analytics tools and report numerous market parameters.

In any organization, the core of its work is market research and analysis.

Dealing with money – both your own and that of others – is the stuff of dreams, and it has always been one of the most successful digital marketing professions in India.

They must possess strong quantitative abilities, statistical know-how, and familiarity with data visualization.

The Average Annual Salary of a Brand Marketing Expert is Rs. 4,63,560.

9. Digital Project Managers

As the name implies, these people put a whole project together, taking it from conception to completion.

IT company digital marketing managers and project managers/team leaders at marketing firms are paid competitively in India.

For this senior position, hiring managers typically look for postgraduate applicants with suitable professional experience.

Digital product managers are among the digital marketing positions in India with the highest salaries due to the excessive and expanding demand.

The Average Annual Salary of a Digital Project Manager is Rs 12,24,490.

10. Visual Designers

Customers are drawn to websites and digital brands based in large part on their aesthetic attractiveness.

Visual designers have one of the highest salaries in digital marketing in India due to the excessive and expanding demand.

Businesses require seasoned graphic designers that are proficient with Adobe tools and have a basic understanding of web development.

The Average Annual Salary of a Visual Designer is Rs 6,83,744 (Visual designer); Rs 12,43,026 (Creative director).

How to Start Your Digital Marketing Career?

Most likely, you are considering how to begin a career in digital marketing. Since digital marketing necessitates a wide range of transferrable talents, studying a handful of these digital marketing skills is a good place to start.

You may start your career in digital marketing off on the right foot by honing your abilities.

If you have training or experience in web development, marketing management, designing, or copywriting, you already possess certain abilities that can be applied to digital marketing and assist in becoming a digital marketer.

By developing your brand and portfolio, you can increase your exposure by establishing your online presence.

Another reliable method is to enroll in a digital marketing course, where you can start even from the basics to advance as well. A digital marketing course can help you in creating a path to becoming a successful digital marketer.

Final Thoughts on Career in Digital Marketing

If you play your cards well, a career in digital marketing may be very successful. You should always aim high and retain a positive learning attitude.

When choosing a job in digital marketing, never become complacent because there is always space for growth.

We sincerely hope that this has given you more clarity regarding your potential career in digital marketing. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


1. Is digital marketing a good career?

A career in digital marketing pays well. A digital marketer at the executive level typically earns between INR 2,50,000 and INR 5,00,000. With experience, the pay increases and may exceed INR 8,00,000 to 10,00,000.

2. Why choose a career in digital marketing?

The world of digital marketing is continuously changing. People are drawn to this sector due to the introduction of many platforms. Candidates are strongly influenced by the large range of salary opportunities that are available, leading them to select it as a career path.

3. What exactly does a digital marketer do?

A digital marketer is often in charge of utilizing a range of digital platforms to generate leads and raise brand awareness. Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Google Analytics, Marketing Analytics, and Marketing Automation are some of the digital skills required.

4. Are there enough career opportunities in digital marketing?

Digital marketing offers a wide range of job opportunities, including those for social media managers, web developers, and SEO analysts. Digital marketing is the only industry with a variety of job paths, for this reason.

5. Can online courses help in learning digital marketing skills?

Digital Marketing courses can help in understanding and gaining skills better. A quick and efficient way to develop new abilities or deepen your understanding of a subject is to enroll in one or more courses (in the case of digital marketing). Even an online course can help you build a career in digital marketing.

6. What is the qualification required to build a career in digital marketing?

For a career in digital marketing, there is no set educational requirement. Still, if you register and finish a recognized, complete digital program, your chances of getting the job of your dreams will be significantly improved.

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