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If you have a flair for writing, love creativity and are passionate about a subject then there is a good news for you – you can launch your career as a blogger and can in fact make a living through it. Here is the ‘a to z’ of how to go about it.

Blogging as a profession

1 There are two ways you can work as a blogger either you can work for an established company as an employed blogger and could be a freelancer or can launch your own blog from scratch.

As far as working with any organization is concerned it is much easier than starting your own blog as you can earn good living straight off the bat. However, setting up your own blog and monetizing it might require you to put the same amount of effort that you require to put in while staring a business. There is no real career path to base expectations on. Some people have made millions through blogging while others are still struggling to make a cent through it.

214 Had it been some 10-15 years ago when blogging was almost new, carving out your space on web and making a name for yourself as a blogger would not have been that tough. But now it is! Building audience to the level where it is successful is not that easy. There are so many things you need to focus upon to build a considerable amount of audience for your blog.

The average earning

blogging chart Salaries for bloggers vary widely. According to a recent study, it can start from 1.8 lacs per annum and can go up till 47 lacs per annum. However, the on an average, an average blogger can earn 3lacs per annum. In the same way freelance bloggers can make anything from under Rs 300 a post to Rs 2000 or more for a relatively short post. As far as running your own blog is concerned, your earnings as a blogger can start from 2lacs per annum and can be unlimited.

A recent study revealed that 17% of bloggers are able to keep up their lifestyle or support their family through their blogging business or job however 81% of the bloggers are unable to make even Rs 6000 from blogging. At the same time, the other 2% are found to make more than Rs9000 by just spending 2 hours a day.

Now, there are several factors that account for your earning in blogging such as the frequency of your posts, the content quality, the competitiveness of the topic, effectiveness in building an audience and generating traffic and of course the luck.

Writing a successful blog and generating more revenue

312 See! You can earn good amount of money by blogging but then if you really want to earn big money through it, simply blogging won’t help. There are several other ways you can earn money through blogging such as affiliate marketing, advertising products on your bog, offering products like ebooks or premium content to generate more income, guest blogging and so on.

As far as writing a blog is concerned you can visit our article here to learn writing an effective blog post in nine easy steps. Besides, to know how to make millions through blogging you can visit our article on Google Adsense and find out how you can monetize your blog more effectively.

Hopefully, this piece of content must have helped you if you are aspiring to become a professional blogger and want to make a living through it. However, if you have any query regarding the subject you can let us know in comments.

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