“Explainer Video Content is easy to digest and have a long-lasting impact!”

Yes, explainer videos are undoubtedly workable, and for you kind information its no new concept in the field of marketing. Video marketing made its advent in 2016 when it started taking its grounds, influencing the big businesses to make it a part of their Digital Marketing strategies.

Looking at the social media stats and the count of people active on distinct media platforms, it’s not wrong to say that Videos and its forms are the new buzzes in business advertising.

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It’s said that do the right thing at the right time, so why not use the right Video Types to hit the right audience in all the right places? 

Right Business Videos Targeting Right Customers   

# Explainer Videos

Are kept simple and explainable to help audiences understand the tough industry-specific terminologies and unique features of the product/service in an engaging way.

# Demonstration Videos 

Are developed keeping a focus to introduce the brand product and reveal its benefits to the customers in an actionable way. 

# Customer Testimonials

Are created using real customers, with real feeling to acquire and build the long-lasting trust of the audience.

# Personalized Videos

Are designed for a specific prospect with specific requirements to connect more people towards a brand.

Hard-sells often work!

7/10 people take the brands into positive light after getting hooked by the interesting video content. 

To strengthen up your marketing efforts, incorporate the most effective type of videos, suitable for all business forms: The Explainer Video. It further has many divisions like 2D animation videos, whiteboard videos, typography videos, live-action videos, and many others. 

Today, it’s one of the necessary things to develop an online presence irrespective of the business type, so it’s better we start using the ‘in-trend’ ways to widespread our name, in order to get worldwide recognition.

Explainer Video Capabilities, Empowering Digital Marketing Motives


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Going into the depth of video marketing, you will realize that explainer video is probably the greatest brand campaigning promotional asset you could use to create a widespread recognizable image of your company.

Let’s have some Realistic and Logical Talks from a Business Point of View:
  • An Explainer Video, any type, acts as an audio-visual tool, representing and reinforcing your brand name across the globe.
  • Animated videos are considered as the best online visual content, accelerating sales and conversions, and ultimately, the ROI. (Visitors turning into actual customers)
  • An explainer is a perfect elevator pitch, outreaching the broad strokes in a concise, quick, and snappy way.
  • Such videos help you provide your audiences with a ‘lightbulb moment’, educating them wherever they get stuck and explaining your intent in the easiest way ever.
  • Videos are known to excite various senses and a particular video (like an animated explainer) ignite people and convince them to purchase a well-advertised item.
  • Visual assets, perform in the same way as your logo and website do; but in an interactive and emotional way.
  • Animated videos are significant and result-oriented, possessing a vast tendency to rank high on search engines, thereby, being the easiest form of shareable content on social media.

Videos and its different categories have the potential to fulfill the company’s desires and achieve the set business goals covering the answers of 3Ws in an educational, entertaining and, engaging way:

  • Who you are?
  • What you do?
  • Why use your product/service?

After scrutinizing into the explainer video competencies, now its time to take a rundown to ‘How can marketers utilize the power of Explainer Videos in their Digital Marketing campaigns?’

How to Use Explainer Videos in Digital Marketing?

I won’t start with a Digital Marketing definition or what it says, that would be boring and add monotony,  as we all are familiar with its traits already. Instead, I would simply make you recall its major objectives and make you familiar that how incorporating Explainers into your business can get you 10x growth, aligning well with the Digital Marketing motives.


Now, let’s come up to our primary question, How to make the best use of Explainer Videos?

Whether it’s an explainer video or any other, it will be in the best of its advantage when you embed it on the website’s homepage and other related pages of the site as when people visit your website, instead of reading about the product, they will prefer to watch video which will help them understand the same quickly and efficiently. 

Business owners can try using result-oriented tools like explainer video software that can help you acquire the desired results within a limited time span. Yes, the tool can help you analyze the loopholes and suggest the areas which need more focus and attention. These efficient tools can enhance your marketing attempts and accelerate your ROI in no time.

Nevertheless; there are many other methods that can be best put into practice to generate organic traffic and increase business sales and revenue. Let’s see all one by one:

#1 The Social Networks

Do you know? 

Social media Videos get 1200% more shares in comparison to textual and imagery content form. 


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So why not post business videos on social media channels to make it visible and viral? One can target the audience with video posts and ads to reach the masses globally, thus, developing a customer base and making it strong and hard eventually.

You need user engagement, go catch the people over the internet, they are all there, busy Tweeting, Snapping,  Instagramming, and making Live Videos and Short Stories. 

#2 The Emails

Yes, hardly anybody opens their emails today, unless they have something unseen or unheard before!

Add a video into your database and share enticing thumbnail, giving a brief description of the product /service and rest, the embedded video will do it all for you. Your click-through rates and open email rates will say it all and tell whether video marketing strategies and tactics are worth it or not.

You can go for adding a short link in your video signature to acquire more video views, thereby, communicating with them in a more interactive and connecting way. 

Educate, Entertain, and Engage!

Clum Creative

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#3 Paid Ads 

This is trending and in use by many!

Video ads are one of the most effective advertising formats that marketers have at their disposal. The variety of ad types like Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Website Ads, etc. portray your brand’s personality and connect deeply, thus, being a perfect example of a workable CTA.

Micro-video ads are picking up the stream where a 10s short length video ad is mounting an interesting challenge to the 30s long video. 

Business owners must understand, the modern digital marketing isn’t merely an interaction to make a purchase by the individuals, rather, is a curated journey to aims to repeat this process again and ever again.

An analysis speaks, micro-videos have been proven to engage the Millennial buyers the most.

#4 Google My Business

Countless reports and statistics have revealed that videos are capable of receiving more likes, more shares, and more clicks when compared to traditional forms. 

So don’t you think that a connecting video on your Google My Business (GMB) page can effectively communicate first before your textual or verbal conversation with the clients?

The new feature of adding videos to your GMB will certainly help you gain more engagement. Google tracks all your interactions with the business listing, and if your number increases, your vitality in the eyes of the search engine also hikes.


Take a look at “How to use Google My Business Videos to create engaging listings?”

#5 FAQ (or Knowledgebase)

Apart from keeping a focus on the promotion, there is a need to simultaneously pay heed towards the explainer videos to support your customers when they need it the most.

Indeed, you can educate people to know more about the product feature or any services related query in a visual form nimbly. After launching a product, it’s obvious that more than half of the proportion of the buyers would visit your support section, FAQ, or knowledge base to get the fast effective solutions.

So why not add up an explainer video addressing the problems in a demonstrative way to make the users happy and satisfied, giving their vote of trust and counting more to your customer base.

The importance of explainer videos can’t be overlooked as they keep the potential to take your business to the next level. Brand awareness, enhanced conversion rates and ability to target the desired customers, are the goals which are kept in mind while designing a power-pack video.

Get, Set, Shoot!

What would be your first move with explainer videos? Do let us know by sharing your thoughts with our community of determined readers.

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