Original and quality link building techniques have always been appreciated in SEO.

One of the best ways to do this is guest blogging.

Guest Blogging Challenges & Their Solution

You may have to face various challenges if you want to build links through guest blogging-

  • Select the right blog for guest blogging.
  • Lack of best article ideas
  • Accepted by top blogging platforms

But, apart from these challenges, what matters the most is keeping the quality of your content at the highest.

So, what you need to do for successful guest blogging and link building is coming up with high-quality content all the time.

How to Get New Ideas for Guest Posts?

The process of searching the right blogs for guest posting may be difficult. Your procedure may be like this-

  • Create a huge list of blog prospects.
  • Normally search queries include keywords like “guest post”, “guest post opportunities”, “submit blog post”, etc.

Finding the relevant blogs on your own can be time-consuming and full of hassles.


To find the solution, here is the example of Ahrefs’ Content Explorer tool which easily shows multiple blog options.

The tool comprises a billion pages in its content index.


Ahrefs’ search engine works alike other search engine and gets numbers of similar articles for your selected topic that can be exported conveniently.

Content Explorer enables you to get results as per your requirements.

Now if you want unique blogs related to your search query, you need to check One article per domain box.

Results can also be sorted as per “Language, Shares, Domain Rating, Publish Date, Referring Domains, Organic Traffic, and Number of Words”.

You can also check blogs on the basis of Domain Rating (Ahrefs’ metric) that shows a website’s backlink popularity on the scale of 0-100.

You would be thinking that you should choose blogs which have high DR value, but that’s not always the case.

Blogs with low DR may be new or not familiar for techies or bloggers. You can choose such blogs as they would turn into a bigger one.

Blogs having DR value 30-40 are right blogs to start from because of they:
  • Receive less guest posting requests than higher-DR blogs.
  • Easily accepts your guest post
  • Are right for creating your portfolio of published articles.
  • You should remember that the first link from a website generally renders the most value and further on.

Techniques to Make More High-Quality Guest Articles Quickly

You would definitely go creating more and more valued backlinks and therefore try to create as many articles are possible.

But, great article ideas are hard to come and it could be time-consuming to deliver a brilliant article in less time.

Therefore, Soulo serves three guest blogging so that you can create a quick and desired article in no time-

1) The Robin Hood Technique

As you know the Robin Hood-style i.e. “stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.” the technique follows the same rule.

Here, the blogs having DR value of 71 and above are called the “rich”.

Now, what you have to do is steal the ideas, not the content.

You should remember plagiarism is never welcomed by Google or any search engine.

So, always try to create your article from your new and modified ideas of stolen concepts.


2) The Splintering Technique

The Splinter Technique says that if you have a post that has large details, you can break those into numerous “splinter” i.e. chapters or sub-sections.

While writing your best article, you need to create fairly short sub-sections to provide only needful details.

In the splintering technique, you make your “hero” article’s sub-sections into complete articles.

As you already researched while writing that big article for your own blog, it would be easy to stir those splinter articles very quickly.

After making each sub-section an individual post, you can get them published as guest articles on different blogs.

Each of your articles would then link back to your original article.

This way you can get quality and relevant links.

3) The Perspective Technique

The perspective technique says that, take chapters from your hero post and make them several guest articles just slightly changing the perspective.

For examples, if your topic is “the future of link building for”, you can create several other articles by taking the theme to a particular niche.



There are several ways to build backlinks, and one of them is guest posting.

But, a relevant and strong backlink generation through guest posting needs a lot of work to do.

To save you from all hassles, here are some points that will help you in getting relevant links via guest posting.

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