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An Interview with Jitendra Vaswani , Blogger at Bloggers Ideas

Jitendra Vaswani is a blogpreneur and the founder of internet marketing blog He is the Brand Ambassador of Payoneer (an International Payment Solution Company). He has an experience of 5 + years in SEO & Digital Marketing field. He started blogging in August 2013. Now he takes initiative to share his experience with newbie’s and potential entrepreneurs.

Q1. Hi Jitendra, Tell us something about you and your blogs?

Ans. Hey first of all thanks for the interview. I am Jitendra Vaswani founder of internet marketing blog I also own wordpress plugin which is recommendation based plugin.I have various blogs too which are into different niches, these are private blogs which I cannot share here.

P.S: Never depend on single source of income.

Q2. You are really a great blogger, what gave you a kick to start your career as a blogger?

Ans. When I was doing job I was very depressed because job was boring my life was too like a loner. I started being anti social and I didn’t have any friends.

While doing my second job in 2013 I decided to start my own blog so I started with I never imagined that this blog would change my life and I owe my life to

This blog went on success and I decided to work more smartly on it. My daily routine was like that after coming from job I used to work too much on my blog. My friends used to make fun of me that you don’t have any life; you are just sitting in front of laptop and working. My personal life was low at that time but I knew something that job was not for me. Eventually after my 3rd job I started my full time blogging journey and left my 3rd job was in Noida.

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Q3. Wonderful Jitendra. Have you ever faced any hurdles while entering into the blogosphere .If yes than how you overcome them and became a successful blogger?

Ans. Yes I did many hurdles while I was doing blogging. Sometimes I used to feel very depressed due to challenges involved in full time blogging. First of all when you are doing full time business you had to work for long hours and most of the time alone too. You became loner sometimes as you are working too much and there is no one there for you to take care.

My family in beginning didn’t support my idea and they were all worried that I am wasting my time in doing job in digital marketing but I prove them wrong. I left my job and gone against all the odds.

I lied to my family about doing full time business, after doing 1 year of business finally I told my family yes I left job and now I am full time blogger who is making money online.

I overcome all these hurdles by watching some TEDx talks and checking out interviews of experts online. I follow some great experts and I learn from them: Gary Vaynerchuk, Lewis Howes, Neil Patel, Zac Johnson, Pat Flynn, Tai Lopez and John Chow.

Q4. Interesting! Did you ever think that a blog will turn you in to an entrepreneur?

Ans. Never ever but somehow it came true. My blog now is my whole business. I sell my services and promote various other products to make money. Through blogging I provide content and value plus I sell my services to bear my expenses.Anyone can turn their blog into full time business. Some newbies I have seen they misguided a lot and get into short term blogging. They started doing spam and try to earn money by doing shitty stuff.

They don’t think about long term blogging, once their blogs get penalized by Google then they struggle for long term blogs. They end up in doing jobs. I feel bad for them and I would advised to all newbies focus on long term blogging. Join some valuable training and learn from the experts. Don’t get into shady business. This will take you nowhere and you will end up losing your all hard earn money.

Q5. What is the revenue model for your blog and how much you are earning with your blog?

Ans. I earn from different blogs. For me current earning model:  Sponsored reviews, Affiliate marketing, Selling banner advertisements, Consultation services, and Digital marketing.

I don’t share my income resources I don’t feel like sharing it now. I would like to keep it private.

I don’t think my earnings will motivate someone; I would like to give value to my readers that would help them to grow much better.

My goal is not have so much money; the goal is to live the life in a way I want.

I try to keep my family happy and try to fulfill their dreams. Recently bought a car for my family. My mother was very happy and she was carrying because having her own was dream. My father was having good income but he was not having interested in buying cars, so finally I bought a car for my mom and she was very happy. I was pleased to see smile on her face.

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Q6. That’s amazing Jitendra. What is the future of blogging? Do you think it will be the one of the most promising career in the coming time?

Ans. Future of blogging is bright and if you want to be full time blogger starts working now. Take action or regret later.

Once you starting a full time blogging try to decide niche and your interest area. This is important for starting out blog because without having any interest you will never be able to achieved desired results.

I started blogging in digital marketing niche because that was my interested; if I started out in health blogging then I would have fail.

Choose right mentors and have great social media circle because that influences your growth. Having negative people around yourself will hamper your growth.

Q7. As this space i.e. blogosphere is getting competitive day by day. So, what tips you want to give to the newbie’s blogger?

Ans. Yes it is very competitive nowadays everyone want to be blogger because they some pro blogger making good money. But what they don’t see hard work.

They get attracted by seeing income screenshots. But truth behind that screenshot is hard work and research.

Newbies should focus on long term niche blogs and try to engage with experts. By going to attend some workshops and events can surely help them in achieving success. Build good network and see your success path shooting up.

Also I am seeing some newbies getting into habit of trolling and defaming each other on social media. Trust me this is not going to take you anywhere.

Learn and build relationships. Success will follow you.

Q8. Jitendra, who all are the bloggers you get inspiration from?

Ans. I get inspiration from many bloggers, some of the entrepreneurs and bloggers I follow: Lewis Howes, Gary Vaynerhcuk, John Chow, Chris Ducker, Tai Lopez, Charles Ngo and Loz Green.

Q9. Tell us 3 mantras that help you to become a blogger in a very short span of time?

Ans. Research, Experiment & Not afraid to take risk. Rinse & repeat these steps.

Q10. What is the future of Digital Marketing ?What all are the channels you are using most to bring the targeted traffic to you website?

Ans. Internet is not going to die, it is growing massively. People have become addicted to internet and they cannot live without being social. So use digital media wisely and see your business skyrocketing. This is the time to evolve and take risk, if you take risk now trust me success will be yours.

I have seen 18yrs old kids in blogging are making money than any high profile professional. Their monthly incomes are higher than these cooperate professionals.

Digital marketing is shaping the world and you should be digital at any cost.

Q11. Thought for our readers?

Ans. Keep your eye open and work on your dreams. Cheers to all hustlers who are entrepreneur instead of being slave to someone. 

“It was nice talking to you. Thank you so much for your time and valuable information. Best wishes from DSIM.”

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