Bing, the second-most popular search engine brought few new search features this week and they are text-to-speech, expanded intelligent answers, and improved visual search.


Text-to-speech is a mobile app feature that reads the text in a voice distinguished from a human’s voice. So, Bing users will experience search results in natural-sounding language.


Visual Search

The ‘visual search’ feature of Bing enables a user to search using an image. The feature now allows users to quickly see numerous objects auto-detected in an image.

So Bing scans the image uploaded by a user and then automatically detects the objects inside the image.

Bing also searches for visual matches.


Intelligent Answers

Bing’s ‘intelligent answers,’ is a superlative feature comprising numerous pieces of information pulled from different sources.

As such Bing now responds to the hardest web questions with the help of its ‘intelligent answers’.

“For example, instead of the relatively simple answer to ‘what is the capital of Bangladesh’, Bing can now provide answers to more complex questions, such as ‘what are different types of lighting for a living room’, quicker than before.”


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