Bing Ads latest introduction of page feeds is going to make the work easier for marketers in order to manage Dynamic Search Ads campaigns.

Page feeds will remove the requirement for advertisers to make targets for each of their website URLs.

In its place, marketers can upload page feeds, the lists of URLs to be targeted.

When integrating page feeds with Dynamic Search Ads campaigns, it will inform Bing which URLs to be considered most valuable.

As such, a page feed will enhance a campaign’s overall website coverage.

How to Use Page Feeds in Bing Ads

At first, make a page feed, similar to the example shown below-

Bing 1

You can give a label to an individual URL in the “Custom label” column.

Now, upload the page feed in the Business data column of the Bing Ads Shared Library as shown below-

Bing 2

After that, integrate a page feed to a Dynamic Search Ads campaigns by going to campaign’s Settings tab and locating Targeting source-

Bing 3

Now, you can go for targeting only URLs in your page feed, or to target URLs in the page feed as well as auto targets if applicable.

Click on Save button, and your Dynamic Search Ads campaign is now integrated with page feeds.

According to Bing, the process of new URLs crawling can take a few days.

Page feeds will be available to its customers over the coming weeks.

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