Bing Ads is now Microsoft Advertising, and this would improve the offerings of the platform.

The company made the following announcement:

“… it’s no longer just reaching more people that matter to growing your brand. It’s about making each connection feel one-to-one, at just the right time and place. More meaningful, timelier, and more valuable — this is how we see advertising evolving.”

The change that will occur now:
  • BingAds.com becomes MicrosoftAdvertising.com
  • Bing Ads Partner Program will be called the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program
  • In the coming months, all experiences and products will be updated to reflect Microsoft Advertising.
Bing would like to display some of the milestones achieved by Bing Ads in the last decade-
  • Half a million marketers
  • Reach more than half a billion customers

In the coming years, Microsoft plans to introduce AI-driven advertising products.

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