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Bing Ads enables its advertisers to create insertion orders which automatically renew after a scheduled time period.

Recurring insertion orders (IOs) help advertisers ensure their account will remain live without a need to create regular new IOs.

Advertisers now don’t need to think about the next IO and also they will be able to manage IOs individually.

Bing says it’s fulfilling a need that is not being met by any other search advertising product.

“This is a need currently unmet in the search advertising space. Recurring insertion orders help facilitate your insertion order management and grant you the peace of mind to keep your accounts running with ease.”

Steps for Creating a Recurring Insertion Order

Follow these steps to create a recurring insertion order-

  • Go to Accounts & Billing page
  • Click “Insertion Orders” tab
  • Click “Create order”
  • Choose “Create a recurring insertion order”
  • Select a name for the recurring IO
  • Choose a frequency either it is monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or yearly
  • Choose an end date

Once the advertiser has created a recurring insertion order, they can see the details of these IOs by adding columns for Series Name, Series Status, and Frequency.

Bing Ads allows advertisers to edit a recurring IO once it has been set. They do it either by editing on IO or the entire series.

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