Bing Ads will be rolling out account-level ad extension for all campaigns globally over the next few weeks.

Using the Bing Ads UI, Google Import, Bing Ads API and Bulk Upload tools, advertisers now allow to set ad extensions at the account level.

When allowed, advertisers will get an ‘Account’ option next to ‘Campaign’ and ‘Ad group’ under the Ad Extensions tab in the Bing Ads UI. This allows you to add and edit ad extension under the All Campaigns tab. ad extension

Important things to remember
  1. This account level ad extensions apply to all ad extensions except for call extensions and sitelinks, and new sitelink experience haven’t been upgraded yet.
  2. You can associate up to 20 extensions at the account level.
  3. The exception for Image extensions, where the limit is 6.
  4. Account level association settings will be ignored if campaign/ad group settings are selected.
  5. When you created this ad extension it will automatically apply to all campaigns.
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