Bing Ads Editor finds new improvement as it will have support for in-market audiences.

In-market audience was first brought to Bing Ads in May 2018.

In-market audience is a targeting method employing AI to make audiences lists out of users who show interest in particular product categories.

Targeting in-market audiences help advertisers with people who are most likely to buy.

“Let’s say you’re a car entertainment supplier looking for potential customers ready to buy new car audio systems. Bing Ads finds audience segments who have recently shown interest in this category via search and online activity for car audio systems or related products. You can simply associate the “Car Audio” audience segment with one or more ad groups at once, to instantly reach them knowing they are ready to buy.”

Marketers can also use in-market audiences to make exclusions, which utilize the same technology to create lists of users who won’t see particular ads.

For example, an iPhone case maker may not want to show ads to people who have shown interest in buying accessories for Android phones.

Exclusions ensure marketers are not paying to show ads to users who won’t at all go for buying.

Bing comes with following recommendations while using in-market audiences-
  • Select the In-market Audiences categories which best suit to your business objectives.
  • Utilize the techniques of Remarketing, Custom Audiences, and In-market Audiences together to get you wide reach and impact.
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