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Being used by about 25% of all new website and with more than 27,000 plugins, WordPress is the most popular open source content management system in the world, as on date. Google never stops working on its search engine algorithms and keeps coming up with new updates in order to provide its users with better experience every time they use it. This requires search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to change with it too. As far as WordPress is concerned, it not only helps make SEO easy but its innumerable plug-in helps you make your rankings even better.

Here we have compiled a list of five best WordPress SEO plug-ins for 2014.

1) Word Press SEO by Yoast

wp 1 With the help of this easy to use plug-in, you can optimize site titles and Meta descriptions and change the way content will be seen by users in search engine results. Not just that you can also setup XML sitemaps, clean up permalinks, and optimize your content for social media sites with the help of this plug-in.

2) All in One SEO Pack

wp 2 Whether you are a beginner or an experienced webmaster, this plug-in is going to be of great use for both of you. The plug in can:
 Optimize titles
 Generate meta keywords and meta descriptions automatically
 Add alt tags to the images within your posts
Besides, the plugin has extended SEO integration for eCommerce sites as well.

3) Google XML Sitemaps

wp 3 Search engine crawlers tend to find your site more easily if it has structured sitemaps. This plug-in extracts links and sample text from your site and creates a sitemap with their help enabling a more accurate index for search engines. Moreover, it also sends notification to major search engines automatically, whenever new content is created on the site.



4) SEO Friendly Images

wp 4 This plug-in automatically doles out the alt attribute and title tags to the images on your site, which improves your site’s ranking in search results. You can also setup customer settings for your images with the help of this plug-in.

5) W3 Total Cache

wp 5 A better page speed helps you have a better ranking in search results, especially in case of Google. This plug-in is the best performance optimizer for WordPress. It caches every feature of the site and improves the server performance, which in turn reduces the download time improving the user experience and search engine ranking both at the same time.



There are so many other plug-ins that help you improve your SEO, these were just a few most important of them. Making use of these plug-ins will help you concentrate more on the quality of the content, which should never be compromised for high ranking on the name of SEO. A valuable content usually makes the readers to share it earning links and eventually better ranking for you.

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