Trainers at DSIM are super-awesome.

Shiraz Noor, DSIM Trainee

In our conversation, we had Shiraz Noor, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Senior Marketing Manager at Reliance Communications. Read on the interview to know why he found DSIM as the best place to learn digital marketing.

Q1. Welcome Shiraz! What has been your education and where are you working currently?
Ans. Before learning digital marketing at DSIM, I did MBA in Marketing.
Earlier I was working as a Manager Marketing-Corporate at Videocon Telecom.
At present, I am working as a Senior Marketing Manager at Reliance Communications.
Q2. Interesting! Why digital marketing?
Ans. Telecom industry appears saturated referring to growth. Though, big players are vying, majority have been wiped out. And, I chose Digital Marketing to shift my career towards never-ending opportunities.
Q3. Why DSIM when there are several other institutes present?
Ans. There are 3 factors majorly responsible; flexibility, conception and modules coverage.
DSIM blends all these perfectly to make you a successful digital marketer.
Q4. How has been your experience at DSIM?
Ans. A fun learning experience!
Trainers are super-awesome and let you know earnestly that how Digital Marketing works in ‘Corporate World’.
Q5. How would you rate DSIM’s Training program on a scale of 1-10?
Ans.  8/10
Q6. What are your future plans?
Ans. I have plans to start my own company but let me learn first as a digital marketing professional.
Q7. What are your views on digital marketing and its future?
Ans. Marketing is constantly evolving observing a significant shift.
And, to remain relevant and effective, digital will remain a key player in the marketing mix.
Q8. Your message to individuals looking forward to begin digital marketing career….
Ans. Join DSIM, before giving it a second thought!
They prepare you for the related space with skills in demand; not likely to change anytime soon.
Q8. DSIM in one Line…
Ans. “DSIM helps you learn from scratch to advance level!”
Thanks Shiraz! It was pleasure talking to you. Have a great career ahead!
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