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While digital marketing can boost your business,help politicians to boost their party’s reputation , provide you employment, help you get a job and a lot more it can also improve your productivity if you are an HR.

This is what we are going to talk about in this article.

So, without wasting much time let’s come to the point and see how digital marketing can help you improve your productivity if you are an HR.

Improve employee experience improving customer experience in the end

Do you not think a more collaborative and comprehensive employee engagement will drive higher levels of employee performance? It will! Right? This is what digital marketing allows you to do i.e. if its channels such social and mobile can help you reach customers; they can certainly help you reach your employees as well, if you think over it logically. All you need to do is to make social networking and collaboration available internally so that all employees learn from one another and collectively solve the problems.

And, better are your employees’ performances; better would be the customer experience, which means a better revenue generation in the end. So, you not only meet your targets but exceed them.


Making the Digital Enterprise a Game

It is not that by making use of game and crowd mechanics you are appealing the customer in particular and thus engaging them, if you mull over it once you will realize that you are just trying to stir the human emotion and psychology of your customer, for your customer is a human being at the end of the day. There is no any term like customer psychology as such, it is actually the human psychology that you work upon, that’s a different thing it is the psychology when a human being purchases or intends to purchase a product. Similarly, your employee is no different and that these mechanics can be used to boost employee performance and loyalty as well.

Of course, the salary happens to be the first thing that an employee works for but do you think a pay check is enough to keep them happy and loyal to your company. Think yourself as the employee and then reply! Your answer certainly would be No! Right! This is what! Everyone wants something that’s interesting, engaging, something that’s the right thing to do, and it’s all because even they want to contribute.

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The traditional ways of managing employees involved:

Financial incentives
Siloed organizations
Management hierarchies
Annual or biannual reviews (irrespective of how brilliantly you can work)
Time-in/time-out (that indirectly meant that you should be at work during certain hours)

However, going forward, if you apply a bit of digital marketing to your HR tactics and contrast these time-honored ways of managing employees with the approaches driven by game , analytics and of course the crowd, that you can leverage , things would certainly be different.

A few things that would come out after doing so would be:

Outcome-based performance assessment
Constant and real-time feedback
Social collaboration
Real-time training and mentoring
Engagement based on crowd mechanics
Performance through multi-motivational game mechanics

Trust me! If you really want to become the guide and the most adored point of contact for behavioral insight and game mechanics, you simply need to learn and apply the multiple motivational approaches of gamification, by taking advantage of employees’ desire for status, achievement, and rewards to drive performance of the enterprise.

Digging the big data for talent and expertise

The new digital wing not only helps you with aforesaid but it also helps you gather a lot of important information about your employee and also about those who want to become your employees. It helps you mine and find out expertise hidden in your organization as sometimes in spite of the presence of deep interest or expertise in a lot of areas, your employees or prospective employees don’t mention it on their CVs. So, it becomes easy for you to make out who knows what and that you can easily take advantage of talents you may not realize you have on board. And, all you need to do then is to bridge the gap between the domain experts and the people or the groups of people, say teams that need their expertise across the organization.

How Digital has transformed HR?

With the help of digital, HR needs not to act reactive instead of proactive as keeping an eye on social and analytics help them track employee satisfaction and get involved at the right time when problems are still small.
It’s never tough to identify the leaders and the extroverts but there can be many underappreciated resources in your organization that can real assets but the idea is either they are introverts or kind of shy human beings, you need to identify them as well. And, digital helps you big time in identifying these quiet achievers whose knowledge, skills, and abilities may get overlooked.

How Digital Impacts HR Needs Across All Dimensions?


So, all the HRs of the world it is the time to Chillax!

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