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An Interview with Peerapol Vayakornvichit (Chain), Vice President at

Zilingo is a Thailand-based startup which is an Online Fashion and Lifestyle marketplace in South Asia. It allows companies and sellers alike to sell their products. They have 2,500+ sellers across Thailand and Singapore, primarily selling apparels, accessories, bags, shoes, beauty to over half a million users, across the globe.

Q1. Hi Chain, Let our readers know ‘’ with few lines?
Ans. Zilingo is a South-East Asia focused Fashion & Lifestyle online marketplace. We host over 2500 sellers across Thailand & Singapore reaching out to over 1 million customers every month. We are built on the core principal of creating value in a marketing which is huge, but largely unorganized.
Q2. So, how do you advertise your business? What does digital marketing do for your business?
Ans. We’re on all the channels of marketing you can think of Radio, Offline events, Corporate Partner Outreach, and of course digital marketing. As we are into online business, digital marketing is the most important channel for us, helping us select and target exactly the types of customers we want to reach.
Q3. Chain, what was technically the most challenging part in evolving Zilingo?
Ans. To say it, “Building something from scratch that could scale.” When we first entered the space we saw that there were several online businesses with multiple country presence had trouble configuring multi-currency and localization. The problem was a non-trivial one, which is why we built our own proprietary back-end technology.
Q4. As you said, there are other online businesses which offer the same sorts of services. In simpler words, we want to know your USP?
Ans. We focus on Fashion. We’re a marketplace. We focus on reaching longtail, smaller independent labels. No competitor has this combination of business model characteristics.
Q5. Who do you see as your target audience?
Ans. We’re looking to serve 18-40 years old both men & women in South East Asia.
Q6. Prior to adapting advancement in features, are you planning to bring something new? Where do you see Zilingo within the next 5 years?
Ans. We’re always coming up with new features so do follow us! However, some cutting edge features we already have in place are artificial intelligence image search and integrating video into the buying experience. We see Zilingo becoming the biggest Fashion and Lifestyle marketplace in South-East Asia.
Q7. Chain, which website or app gets your first-morning visit?
Ans. I look at the Quartz App, which does a great job of giving me current events in a chat format.  It leverages our existing habits of text messaging to feed us daily news on Politics, Science, and Business.
Q8. As an entrepreneur what energizes you to improve & excel on daily basis?
Ans. ‘Creating value for our users – both buyers and sellers – on our platform’
Q9. Can you convince the reader to buy or sell a website using Zilingo in a few lines?
Ans. Imagine waking up in the morning and being able to order a dress from Chatuchak right in the comfort of your own bed.
“It was really great to get your thoughts and know about ‘Zilingo’. DSIM wishes you all the luck for future.”
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