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An Interview with Pallav Modi, Co-founder of is building a scalable personal styling service with ingenious blend of human stylist and intelligent algorithms. This would help the customers buy styles- which are in trend, customized to their style profile and saves the hassle of going through innumerable options.

Q1. Hi Pallav, Let’s begin with how the idea of starting a venture “” came to your mind? Who supports your idea in the beginning?

Ans. The idea stuck when my wife was promoted and she wants to redo her wardrobe. So, she was searching things online. She picked things that she knew or that she already had. She wanted a recommendation from someone who could give fashion tips to her and help her in buying.

Then I thought why someone can’t give a personal advice to anyone in making his/her clothing more sensible. Then we started thinking over the idea, conducting research work and building team.

IStyleYou’s mobile app helps users get their own professional stylist to help them buy clothes and accessories based on their Individual style and trend. My wife stood behind me all the time and supported my idea in the beginning

Q2. Coming to your brand promotion, how do you advertise your business? What does digital marketing do for your business?
Ans. We currently advertise our business through word of mouth marketing, leveraging organic social media reach, growth hacking techniques and most important targeting the right audience at the right place. Digital marketing helps us through various modes – social media, email marketing and content marketing.

Q3. Pallav, if the Internet had not existed – what do you think you would be doing?

Ans. I would have been helping people to look good and feel good.

Q4. Pallav, how has been your journey so far as an entrepreneur?
Ans. It has been an enriching experience. Important thing is to have the right founding team in place. There are days when you are down and out, but the feeling that we are helping our customer get a smile on their face gives us a good night sleep.
Q5. Wonderful journey so far! Long way to go! What are the risks involved in entrepreneurship?

Ans. The biggest risk is to accept failure and self-doubt, never let that creep into your mind and always believe in yourself. Champions are made when chips are down, be a champion.

Q6. So, where do you see yourself and your venture in the next 5 years?

Ans. We see ourselves styling not only in the sense of clothes but styling people’s life for a better tomorrow. We would like to be in all the major cities of the world by 2020.

Q7. Well Pallav, finally at the end of our interesting conversation, How does an entrepreneur convince their family that this is not just a play but a real business?

Ans. It’s hard to convince the family from the very first day, but then they start understanding the seriousness only when they see the hard work and conviction you are putting in. Always remember, never joke about your business with the family member, let them know you are serious about it.

“Thanks for taking out time. Our readers will really get benefited from your valuable suggestion. Best wishes to you and IStyleYou from DSIM.”

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