An interesting session with Kulbhushan Kalia, Co-Founder and CEO of aveJana.com, the smartest Customer Review Management Software.

Today, we have best of the answers by Kulbhushan Kalia, an all-round business professional (CEO, Co-Founder, Consumer sector Investor) who holds the credit for introducing ‘aveJana’, a SaaS organization that provides solutions for user generated content marketing and management.

Q1. Welcome Kulbhushan! It’s really great to begin the talk. Starting now, we would request you to introduce your brand ‘aveJana’ to our readers?
Ans. ‘aveJana’ is a SaaS platform that enables eCommerce stores to automate their Product Ratings and Reviews generation just like Amazon, Flipkart etc. Our signature InMail Technology generates up to 9x more reviews. Our 3SEO technology helps drive more qualified traffic to eCommerce stores, improving conversions and sales.

Q2. A wiliest concept! What inspired you most?
Ans. I was an Asst. Fund Manager with HSBC’s India life insurance JV where I co-managed a US$250 million fund. During the time I got familiar with a lot of startups and realized that Cost of Customer Acquisition (CACs) is one of the biggest issues they face. This led me to start working on ideas to reduce CACs.
Q3. How did you make the entire execution and, what are the services offered by aveJana?
Ans. I carried out a survey in India on the Shopping Behavior of Online Shoppers and found that almost 97% of online shoppers said they read reviews before buying a product online.  In fact, even those who do not shop online read reviews to find out more about a product before buying.
I realized that most visitors leave a website without buying anything, if there are no product reviews. In fact reviews are so important that ‘Amazon’ now shows even global reviews of global products on its Indian website. This is because they realize that reviews help customers make up their mind faster and better.
This got us thinking and we came up with the idea of aveJana Reviews. We want to empower each eCommerce store owner globally to generate as many reviews as possible so that they can improve their conversion rate and sales. Today, aveJana is generating an amazing amount of reviews and has started finding good traction from eCommerce store owners from across the world. We have eCommerce store owners signing up from the US, Israel, UK etc. and of course India.
Q4. Do you really find that digital marketing brings different results when compared to traditional marketing, considering costs and results?
Ans. The biggest difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is that digital empowers any business, with any kind of budget to start marketing. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, is expensive and needs a set budget, which could run into crores, to be impactful.
At the same time, because of this quality, there is a huge amount of competition in the digital world. So you have to find your audiences properly, plan well and execute well.
Q5. What have been the benefits brought by digital marketing in your business?
Ans. Our entire marketing effort is driven by digital. Our clients are eCommerce store owners, who spend most of their time on digital platforms. So for us digital is the marketing medium.
Q6. So, what are the four elements, according to you, that constitute Brand Management?
Ans. Brand management is much more than marketing. It is about running a business in a competitive and sustainable manner with strong customer focus. So for me I would say the four pillars are:
a.Strong Customer Focus
b. Finding a Competitive advantage
c. Sustainable business strategies with a focus on long-term business impact
d. Focus on Continuous Innovation.
These four pillars, if executed properly, will make your brand one of strongest in your industry, if not the strongest.
Q7.  Let us know your plans to connect to more & more customers in the upcoming years?
Ans. Keep on innovating and exciting customers. They will be your fans and loyalists. Innovative and unique sweepstakes have worked for us. We run these offers for INR 0.
Whether it’s the Batman vs. Superman premier invites or meet and greet with Alia Bhatt and Hrithik Roshan, a trip to Las Vegas or a ticket to a coldplay concert in Abu Dhabi. These are the experiences that money can’t buy.
Q8. A quote that has brought a great measure of inspiration for you!
Ans. “The biggest mistake you can make is listening to people who’ve given up on their dreams telling you to give up on yours.”
Q9. 3 of the elements that contribute most towards the Startup success in the Indian ecosystem; what are they?
Ans. Getting the unit economics right, having a strong competitive advantage and the timing of the product launch. The Indian market is still very nascent so first find out whether the market is ready for your product or not. Or ensure that your product has a global appeal.
Q10. Let our readers know why they should come, explore & use ‘aveJana’?
Ans. aveJana is an amazing SaaS platform that can really help you improve conversion rates and sales for your eCommerce store. You must try it.
Q11. DSIM and aveJana, what can we bring together?
Ans. If you are an eCommerce store owner who want to sign up with us, just Quote Coupon code DSIM to our team after signing up here and get a special Free 3 month subscription to our top end plan ‘Go Pro’.
In fact we would invite all of the DSIM graduates/readers/web developers to come and partner with us and to be a part of this journey. We have a strong partnership program that offers a great product to your customer and good returns to you. Just enter your details in our partner with us form and start generating credible returns for your businesses.
Really glad to know about ‘aveJana’. DSIM wish you all the good luck for your enterprising venture.
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