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An Interview with Harshad Patankar, blogger by profession

Harshad Patankar is chief blogger at BumbleBeeHub Blog.  He was graduated in Information technology (IT) and Masters in Business Administration (IT).  He is currently working as a business analyst in private company.  Writing is his hobby and now he is a blogger by passion. 

Q1. Hi Harshad, Tell us something about your blogs?
Ans. BumbleBeeHub blog is aggregator of exclusive updates from around the world. I like to share my internet/tech experience along with some enthralling updates about the Business, Technology, Education and Government sectors with my readers on blog.
Q2. What gave you a kick to start your career as a blogger?
Ans. I converted my hobby into a passion or you can also say into a profession.
Q3. Wonderful Harshad. Have you ever faced any hurdles while entering into the blogosphere .If yes than how you overcome them and became a successful blogger?
Ans. Many times! My competition was with the all popular blogs in the market. I faced hurdles but if you give good and quality content, readers will read your blogs. My readers are increasing day by day. Within a short span of seven months, my readers were increased from zero to more than a lakh.
Q4. Had you ever thought that a blog will turn you in to an entrepreneur?
Ans. Actually, my interest is into the entrepreneurship. For that reason I tied up with daily hunt; it is a news application. I syndicate my blogs with this news app. After one or two months, both the platforms have great syndication.
Q5. What is the future of blogging? Do you think it will be the one of the most promising careers in the coming time?
Ans. Yes definitely! It is most promising career in near future. Written content is critically important and always will be because this is one of the primary ways people learn and absorb information.
Q6. What is the revenue model for your blog and how much you are earning with your blog?
Ans. Our revenue model is very simple. Our blog has different types of posts, sponsored post, paid advertisement, banner advertisement and paid events. Currently, we are earning to support our blog and soon will be increased.
Q7. As this space i.e. blogosphere is getting competitive day by day .So, what tips you want to give to the newbie’s blogger?
Ans. One thing I would like to say that content is the king. If you give more enriched content users will come to read your blogs. Keep Blogging and Never give up!

Q8Who all are the bloggers you get inspiration from?

Ans. I am inspired by 2 or 3 blogs (, Medianama). I am readers of that blogs and after reading these blogs, I got inspiration to create my own blog.

Q9. Tell us 3 mantras that help you to become a blogger in a very short span of time?

Ans. The 3 mantras are:

  • Content
  • Passion
  • Patience
Q10. What is the future of Digital Marketing? What all are the channels you are using most to target your audience?

Ans. Channels that are most useful to engage audience in my blog:

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Guest blog post
  • Word of mouth advertising
  • Posting link to different forums
Thank you very much, Harshad. Team DSIM wishes you all the best for your future.
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