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Mr. Arun Bhati

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An Interview with Arun Bhati, Founder & COO of

“O Rahi” is a Hindi term and translates to “O Traveller”. It revolves around the idea of travelling together where two or more people who travel in the same direction share a ride (carpool).



Q1. Hi Arun, thank you for taking out the time. Tell us how the idea of starting a venture “” came to your mind. Who supported your idea in the beginning?

Ans. Office commuting is a big challenge for all of us, and congestion and pollution are two parts of it. I and Sameer Khanna, the Founders of Orahi, decided to solve these challenges by using technology.

Now Orahi has become India’s biggest and the most trusted carpool app for home-office-home commute.

Today it has 40000+ users on board from Delhi/NCR and together they have shared 18 Lac KMs. People from Orahi community have saved 350 tonnes of CO2 emissions, and they will continue to do the same. 

40,000+ members | 18 Lac KMs shared | 350 Tonnes of emissions saved.

Q2. Interesting data! How do you advertise your business? What does digital marketing do for your business?
Ans. Yes! We do promotions via different mediums which include like Digital Marketing and connecting to corporates.
Q3. If the Internet had not existed – what do you think you would be doing?
Ans. If the Internet had not existed, then we certainly would have been resolving another challenge of the society through different techniques. Had it been required, we would have been stood at the parade ground for motivating to join-hands for saving earth or any other cause.
Q4. Arun, do you think that entrepreneurialism is something that is in your blood? Or is it something that can be learned?

Ans. Furthermore, we would like to share that entrepreneurialism requires lot of patience and hard work.Entrepreneurialism is in my blood, as my forefathers were into business always; however, Mr. Khanna tasted it for the very first time. So, we both with different backgrounds share different skill-sets and experiences, and ultimately this two-man army is an incredible team in itself.

Q5. Any other plans or ideas for the future? How do you balance work, life and friends?

Ans. Yes, lots of new plans are in the pipeline for simplifying the commuting problems, and I would request you to stay in touch for knowing the same step-by-step. Right now, we are planning to reduce 30% of the total cars from the roads of Delhi/NCR, then we will do it for the entire nation and then globally.

Balancing work, life and friends is always a nice question that is asked to us. We are fortunate to have a supportive friends and family – so, their support automatically balances everything.

Q6. So, how do you share your success with your friends? What you suggest them about entrepreneurship?

Ans. For friends, the Orahi founders say that – “You have a dream, you have one life – Go for it”.

“Thanks for taking out time from your busy schedule and giving valuable suggestion to our readers. Best wishes to you and Orahi from DSIM.”
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