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An Interview with Anisha Dhar and Nupur Khanna, Founders of

Eatonomist specializes in calorie counted gourmet meals. They prepare meals under 300 and under 500 calories. They cook everything from scratch, the sauces, breads, dressings etc. It has an extremely easy to use website ( where one might order their meal.

 Q1. Hi, Anisha and Nupur. Welcome to DSIM. Let’s go to the earliest days of “”. How did it all get started?

Ans. We dealt with the corporate and peer pressure of staying fit for 7 years. We loved eating out and lunch was the highlight of our work day. That surely does tell you a lot about us. Everyday we would look out for healthy things to eat for lunch and end up finding the same 2 or 3 boring options.

We thought that it would be so great to have a place that would offer a new menu each day with healthy dishes that tasted good. We discussed it with family and friends, and then finally went ahead and booked a domain name.

Eatonomist is narrowing the gap between sinful eating and crash dieting. Working in a corporate made us realize that ‘healthy’ lunch options existing in the market were boring or not so healthy. We wanted to address the market that wanted to eat good food sans the calorific intake, so was born Eatonomist.

Q2. Interesting journey! “Eatonomist” Great name! How did you come up with it?

Ans. The love of food can move mountains .We came with an idea of starting something which relates to economics of food.  Something that tells you the carb, proteins, fats, calories, vitamins etc. content in your daily diet. Months of research and multiple recipe trials (yummy ones, at that) Eatonomist was born.

Q3. Anisha, how important is digital marketing to your overall marketing strategy?

Ans. As we are an online based food delivery portal, digital marketing plays a vital role. Now a days digital world has become so convenient and user friendly that huge market potential relies on digital marketing. We get business through different tools of digital marketing like through SEO, Social Media Marketing, Adwords.

Q4. Brilliant! Nupur, As there is stiff competition in market for startups, how to survive in this competition?

Ans.Competition is the major factor for a startup to sustain their visibility. The following are the pointers through which a startup like us can tackle:Quality of people: A startup should understand the quality of people they are targeting. What is the need of the audience?

Discounting policies: Before, you join the hurdle, you should know if your start up needs a discounting policy or not. The customers acquired through discounts might not necessarily stick with you. So think wisely before blowing away your money

Great customer services: Great customer service is a very good and effective tool to survive in the world of start ups.   

Q5. Very true Nupur!  Do you think the youth of India is lured towards the idea of a start-up these days?
Ans. Yes, the youth of Indian society now a days is more interested in starting their own venture. These days when everyone, including government of India, is supporting the startups, youth are the one who take the initiative fearlessly.

Q6. Anisha, has got the feedback and growth you expected since launch?

Ans. We have definitely created a buzz in the corporate segment. Customers are appreciating the food and or Zomato ratings say it all. Our customers have rated us as one of the best delivery services in Gurgaon and our numbers are increasing at an unprecedented rate every week.

Q7. We hope so! So, at last, one more question, what 3 pieces of advice would you give to students who want to become entrepreneurs?

Ans. 1) One should be through when it comes to research. To start something you should know as much as you of that field which is only possible through research work.

2) You should collect information and feedback before starting something. Researching after preparing a prototype is very much helpful.

3) Follow your dreams, follow your heart and never let anyone tell you that you are not good enough. Have some faith in yourself and the path to your dreams will suddenly become easier.

“Thank you so much for your time. Our readers will really get profited from your valuable suggestion. Best wishes to you and from DSIM.”

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