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Google AdWords has rolled out a new reporting based on how often one of your shopping ads appears in the top position.

It’ll be offering product status reporting and ‘absolute top impression share’ to help advertisers get a head start identifying product data gaps and measuring competitiveness in Shopping campaigns, we’re rolling out.

Product Status Reporting

Now, by adding the new product status report to reporting charts in the ‘product’ and ‘product groups’ page, you can see how many of your product ads are ready to be served.

For example, a dip in ‘products ready to serve’ means your products are no longer eligible to participate in the auction.

From there you can identify which ads in your shopping campaign are not eligible to be served if there are any.

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Also, there’s a new diagnostics report in the products page to help you identify your aggregate product status, like products ‘ready to serve’ or ‘disapproved.’

Clicking on a disapproved product ad will give you details on how you can fix the issues that are preventing it from being served.

You can also view a full list of affected products directly in AdWords from the report.

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Absolute Top Impression Share

As per Google, the left-most ads on mobile Shopping results get up to 3X more engagement from shoppers; impressions in this position are called “absolute top” impressions.

To see how many times one of your ads was featured in the absolute top position, search for the ‘abs. top IS’ column.

Absolute top impression share is the number of times one of your ads was in the left-most position over the total number of times your ad could’ve been in that position.

So if your ad appears in the absolute top position 5 times out of 10 times it was eligible to be displayed, your absolute top impression share is 50%.

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