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Similar to rest in digital marketing the paid search advertising is a regularly changing landscape and it’s difficult to catch up dependably on what’s new. So, we have made here a quick list of probably the most critical changes to Google AdWords in the year and need you to put them to use immediately.

1) Google AdWords will bring Automated Call Extensions in Mobile Ads

Google brings an announcement of rolling out automated call extensions in Mobile Ads on February 6.

An email was sent to AdWords customers conveying that it will begin generating call extensions automatically for the users who use both call and location extensions.

The program was presented in January and Google will automatically pull phone numbers featured on landing pages and set up call extensions in advertisers’ accounts that don’t as of now have them.

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2) Google to rewrite your AdWords Ads to increase performance

Google to rewrite the Ads included by AdWords, make new ad variations and then put the ad live.

It is a new Google pilot designed to improve your ads performance in which it’ll compose new ad variations for you.

All these ads will be created based on information that you have provided in your existing ads, such as your descriptions, keywords, headlines, main contents, ad extensions or any sort of information found on landing page. New ads will be added to each ad group.

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3) 4 New AdWords Features That You Must Use In 2017

4 major new AdWords Features to get best of the results from your campaign.

The feature lets you write two headlines which can include up to 30 characters. Earlier, the headline has to be in one single line with a character limit up to 25.

Responsive Display Ads are effective as you just need to provide a Google URL, description, headline and image. And then, Google automatically create responsive ads for you.

An update introduced across Google Maps and Search. The potential benefit of these ads is that local advertisers are likely to get more business.

The advertisers now have more device bidding controls. And the feature is introduced to segregate desktop and tablet traffic.

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4) AdWords Price Extension Gets Live On All Devices

Google introduced Price Extensions in AdWords last July to show prices on product and service types in text ads. The extensions are now eligible to appear, not just on mobile.

But all devices including desktop will be able to show these price extensions in their text ads.

You can show extra information along your text ads showcasing the range of products and services you offer and furthermore display what are the costs.

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5) Google to shrink AdWords Conversion Window from 30 to 1 day

Google is shrinking AdWords’ view-through conversion window default. Useful from March 29, 2017, the AdWords default view-through conversion window will shrink from 30 days to 1 day.

The update will be connected to new conversion actions, as well as existing ones currently set to the default conversion window. Shrinking the default attribution window for view-through conversions to just one day will likely make sense for most advertisers.

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6) Google AdWords Rolls out Click-to-call Updates

Google AdWords Introduces Account-Level Call Extensions, & More Click-to-Call Updates. The series of updates incorporates a new design, new reporting capabilities, and account-level call extensions. This will help advertisers to drive more high-quality calls to their business in three main ways:

  • Simplified workflows so you can set up click-to-call ads faster
  • Better ad experiences that make it easier for people to call you
  • Detailed call reporting that shows which parts of your campaigns drive the most valuable calls
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7) Google to give advertisers more control over online ads

Google plans to give its advertising clients more control over where their ads appear on YouTube and the Google Display Network, which posts advertising to third-party websites.

It announced the move through a blog post after major brands pulled ads from the platform. It has started implementing the changes like an improvement to the ad policies, increasing the brand safety levels and control for advertisers and improves transparency and resources.

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8) Google AdSense Now Allows 300×250 Mobile Ads above the Fold

Google has announced a policy update for AdSense Publishers that they can now include 300×250 ad units above the fold on their mobile sites.

Users featuring the ad unit above the fold on mobile have been exactingly warned to even now have site content clearly show in view to evade accidental ad clicks.

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9) Google AdWords Introduces Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Google launched ‘Remarketing lists featuring similar audiences’ for search ads (RLSA) and Shopping campaigns in AdWords.

Similar audiences give advertisers the ability to target customers based on whether or not they’ve searched for the same things as previous site visitors.

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