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To help marketing decision makers access or integrate the data they need where they need it, Google AdWords has introduced an important update to Google Data Studio.

A new feature called AdWords Data Control has been added to Google Data Studio Reports. It’s a dashboarding and reporting tool that customers can use to connect all their data, from Google AdWords, Google Analytics, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Google Sheets and more and turn it into dynamic, self-updating reports that are easy to understand and share.

With this new feature, users can choose the source accounts for the data they want to see in any Data Studio report. There’s no need to build separate reports for every user and account.


Announcing the update through its official blog post, AdWords said, “Suppose you have set data you monitor every day in your AdWords accounts. With Data Studio, you can build a report, and then use AdWords Data Control to populate the report with data from your other active accounts. That makes it easy to monitor all the data for your business while also seeing individual accounts that interest you.”

Now, to unify AdWords reporting and team KPIs across different brands, regions, or business units; to share data, collaborate, and add or revoke permissions at any time; use Data Studio. Just build a template report in it, add the AdWords Data Control, and share the report across your organization. Every user will see their AdWords data in your curated report.

With Data Studio, marketers can pull data from over 127 AdWords dimensions and metrics, from CTR to conversions and average position. The reports are easy to share with the entire team or company, so everyone can make better decisions.


Getting started is really easy as Data Studio comes with sample reports and templates.

Multiple data connectors present help marketers import data from multiple sources like Google AdWords and Google Analytics into a single report. And now the new feature Data Control makes gathering and sharing data even easier.

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