To meet consumers’ expectations for faster and better digital experiences, AdWords has announced rolling out the mobile Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator.

Speed Scorecard

Speed Scorecard is an easy-to-use tool that allows users to compare mobile speed with other companies’. It shows the speeds of thousands of sites from 12 countries across the globe. It’s powered by Chrome User Experience Report, the largest database of real-user latency data for how Chrome users experience popular destinations on the web.

update 10th march

Impact Calculator

Knowing that a slow mobile site keeps on frustrating customers, AdWords has brought Impact Calculator.

In retail, it has been observed that for every one second delay in page load time, conversions fall by up to 20%. Here, the tool proves its worth. With just a few inputs, it estimates the revenue impact that could result from improving the speed of a mobile site.

impact calculator

It has also announced introducing other products and resources to help advertisers speed up their mobile experience:

  • “Landing Pages” page in the new AdWords experience- You can see which URLs in your account are mobile-friendly, which ones drive the most sales, and which ones may require your attention.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are so fast, they appear to load instantly. Today your Search campaigns can already drive clicks to these lightning fast pages. And, also Google AdWords is working to expand support for Shopping campaigns to ensure a faster and more seamless shopping experience for customers.
  • Later this year, AdWords will begin processing click measurement requests in the background so that users’ customers won’t have to wait quite as long for landing pages to load.
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