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Google launched price extensions in AdWords last year in July to display prices on different products and services in the text ads.

It was just for mobile devices till last year, but now the price extensions are eligible to show on all the devices.

After, announcing extensions for mobile phones last year, Google changed the format of displaying it to a horizontal carousel look.

Now, all devices including desktop will be able to show these price extensions in their text ads.

You can display additional information along your text ads which showcases the range of products and services you offer and also display what are the costs.

The performance of the ads increased a lot, as people could compare the listing and chose the one suitable for them. So, to help people compare prices on all devices, it has rolled out this feature for all the devices including desktop.

Here is the screenshot that displays price extensions on desktop version.

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Cassie Kozyrkov, Data Scientist at Google wrote, “To help people compare your products and prices regardless of the device they’re using, price extensions can now show on all devices. Price extensions can now reach more of your potential customers with no additional work. You can continue to use your existing price extension URLs, or take advantage of the final mobile URL field to use a separate URL for mobile devices.”

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