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The year 2017 so far has brought various AdWords updates and now, it’s all about another major mobile upgrade.

Mobile sitelinks are getting to be noticeably interactive and callouts and structured snippets are gaining more real estate.

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Now, sitelinks are tappable on mobile, allowing users to choose which sitelinks pertain to them, while additionally jumping specifically into specific page. Of course, these sitelinks are not automated links, yet are chosen and crafted by the advertiser.

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This seems as a big upgrade for sitelinks, as previous mobile versions would regularly see cut-off text, as they simply were not interactive. Searchers getting ability to view the sitelinks is a major win for all sides, Google, advertisers and searchers.

Callouts & snippets fall ‘in-line’

Now, you as a searcher will find callout and structured snippet extensions underneath an ad. These two extensions will be integrated in-line with the ad copy. As per Google, this will allow more of the callout and snippet text to be shown.

As reported on Search Engine Land.

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