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Google AdWords has launched Showcase Shopping ads in the new AdWords experience, available to more advertisers globally in 15 new countries.

The innovation has been made to help curious holiday shoppers discover their brand and product selection when they’re still in exploration mode.

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AdWords began testing Showcase Shopping Ads last year and found that shoppers who engage with them are more likely to consider brand as they narrow down their search. On average, users search for a merchant’s brand terms twice as often after they’ve expanded that brand’s Showcase Shopping ad.

These ads let brands curate a collection of lifestyle images and products to help people explore and discover what they want to buy and who they want to buy from.

Additionally, if advertisers use DoubleClick Search, Kenshoo or Marin as their third-party bid management system, they can also track and report on Showcase Shopping ads, as they are now supported.

Other New Local Ad Updates

Speaking of local inventory feeds, Google is launching another new feature to get more customers in stores.

Local inventory is coming to Google Assistant, which means users can ask questions like “Ok Google, where can I buy _____ nearby?” and they’ll get a list of local stores carrying the product. 

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In order to be included in Google Assistant’s local inventory search results, all you have to do is have a local product inventory feed.

In an effort to capture more data on how Google ads influence store visits, measurement for impression-based store visits will be available in the coming months.

Impression-based store visit measurement will track when seeing a display ad led to a store visit. This is based on aggregated and anonymized data from users who opt in to activate Location History.

In addition to impression-based store visits, Google will also be introducing reporting for the following insights:

  • Time lag report: how long it takes a user to visit a store after clicking an ad
  • New vs returning customers: how many store visits came from repeat customers
  • Demographic report: add store visits insights to existing demographic reports
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