You might or might not be aware with how to do freelancing but you must be aware with what freelancing actually is.

Still let me brush up your definition of freelancing!

Freelancing is also a kind of job in which the person is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long-term.

Why people love freelancing?

123 There could be many reasons as to why people love freelancing but the top three are:

• You can work with the convenience of your own schedule
• You can work from home
• You are your own boss

Becoming a successful freelancer is no less than ‘a dream come true’ as you earn big money and that too working in your ways. However, it is not that easy to become a freelancer and that you need to have the expertise in your field apart from that zeal, commitment and seriousness to work as a freelancer.

Besides, like you need to have an aim or goal to start doing anything, you need to have it for freelancing as well and that the purpose of freelancing should be clear to you. Whether you want to do freelancing to earn some extra income or want to do it as your main business, should be clear to you. Here I mean by part time or full time!

What not to do?

317 Working as a full time freelancer is not at all a bad idea but then if you are not experienced enough in this field we suggest not to leave your current job initially. In the initial days, you can work as a part time freelancer as it will give you the freedom of choosing your projects and clients according to your whims because you already have a steady source of income and you are not wholly dependent on the freelancing income. In simple words the work pressure will be low and things will not be monotonous. However, once you have gained the expertise, enough experience, and established yourself as an expert freelancer you can of course start working as a full timer.

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How to go about freelancing?

414 1. If you want you can be a registered freelancer as well, as you set your own agreements in freelancing.

2. In order to win clients and spread a word of your services, you can employ various ways that are at your disposal such as through emails, yellow pages, white pages and so on.

How DSIM helps you make money as a Freelancer?

513 Apart from your regular work you can also earn money by working as a digital marketing freelancer. There is a website ‘’ from where you can easily get SEO and other digital marketing projects if you know the tricks and can make good amount of money yourself. The money making component at DSIM helps you with some cool tricks to bag digital marketing projects from this website.


You can also work as an affiliate marketer or earn money through adsense if are creative and love to blog. Let’s have a look to how digital marketing training at DSIM helps you earn money through affiliate marketing and Adsense & Blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

One can make millions through Affiliate marketing if know the ways it is carried out. In this module of the training at DSIM you learn about affiliate marketing, its 3 A’s, its history, different ways doing it, the affiliate marketing scenario in India and so on. Not just that you get to see live examples of how people are making money as an affiliate. Besides, the trainer himself happens to be one of the most successful affiliate marketers of India and shares with you his secrets of affiliate marketing.

Adsense & Blogging

If you have a flair for writing and have your own blog, you will be happy to know that you can monetize your blog through adsense and earn millions. In this module of the training at DSIM you will learn about adsense, tricks to get the adsense approval, creating blogs with our free software, using your adsense account interface and a lot more. Trainer also shares with you 1 secret method through which you can make money with adsense. It is just the matter of 300 hours and you can earn Rs 1, 50,000 every month.

I know you must be finding it difficult to hold yourself from working as a freelancer and getting your dreams come true , those dreams that were lying somewhere underneath. So, get out of the conventional thoughts and think like a man of 21st century when making money isn’t a big deal if your skills are aligned with the current day technologies.

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