Becoming a competent IT professional can be possessed by anyone. However, standing out from the rest can be achieved by only a few dedicated individuals. These are people that are not just smart enough to understand, master, and apply the concepts behind what they’re learning, but are also hardworking, disciplined, and committed enough to put an effort in learning. These are the important traits needed to have a successful career.

Just like any other jobs, anyone with interest in information technology can eventually be an IT professional. However, if your skills are not verified, you will not be able to get ahead of others and compete. This is when certifications come in handy. Looking for IT careers isn’t just about talent; it’s also about earning certifications that prove your competency. And speaking of certifications, CompTIA certifications are always on the top list of the most sought after certifications among several IT professionals.

What is CompTIA?

With more than 2 million certifications issued worldwide, Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is among the most prominent vendor-neutral certification programs in the IT industry. CompTIA consists of several member organizations and business partners around the world, collaborating with 120 countries. Millions of IT professionals have been educated and certified to become competent individuals seeking various IT job roles.

Unlike other certification programs, CompTIA A+ 220-901 & 220-902 Practice Test offers certifications according to skill sets or career paths instead of skills level. These certifications are categorized as Core, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, and Additional Professional certifications. The Core certifications equip IT professionals with the foundational skills necessary to enter the IT industry.

These certifications are CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+ and IT Fundamentals. The first three core certifications focus on support and device connectivity, on system connections, and on entry-level cybersecurity skills, respectively. To get any certification a candidate needs to pass one or more certification exams. For example, to get ComTIA A+ credential, one should sit for 220-901 and then 220-902 exams.


Furthermore, Network+ certification paves a way to different Infrastructure career paths, which is composed of CompTIA Server+, CompTIA Cloud+, and CompTIA Linux+. As for the Cybersecurity career path, there are three cybersecurity certifications included namely, CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst – for IT analysts on security behavior, CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner – for design and implementation of security solutions, and CompTIA PenTest+ – for penetration and vulnerability testing. Lastly, Additional Professional certifications offer various CompTIA career paths, such as CompTIA Project+, CompTIA CTT+ and CompTIA Cloud Essentials.

What’s in store for you?

Earning these renowned certification trains you and hones your skills in delving into the world of information technology. CompTIA certifications are very essential in your journey towards success. As a certified IT professional, your valuable skills and talent are assessed and validated. Certifications add value to your resume. This is a tangible method of showcasing your qualifications to your future employers. Potential employers are always eyeing for certified individuals that come applying for them since this will give them a win-win situation.

Employers are ensured that you have been trained well enough to do the job and eventually, aid in the success of their organization or company. This would increase their profit afterwards as well as bring customer satisfaction. As for your side, you will surely reinforce your knowledge and skills. You will be able to build wider connections with fellow certified IT professionals and share insights and learning. Aside from that, you will earn a big amount of compensation.

Simply, with CompTIA certifications, there are so many opportunities you can unlock. Several job offers will be opened at you hence, you will have more choices. There is career growth and a chance to become even more successful. Certifications will indeed serve you well in your career journey.

How do you prepare for a certification exam?

Certification exams require not only your skills and brains but also necessitate your effort and commitment. With that, it is important for you to provide time to study and master the subjects covered for that certification exam. Test your comprehension by practicing through practice tests and quizzes and applying your learning.

Fortunately, preparing for certification exams are now has been made easier with a lot of extensive study references available online and offline. There are a series of training courses provided by CompTIA to aid you in the exam preparation. But first, you must always check the exam blueprint to familiarize yourself with the topics to be included. You can opt to choose among various learning options – may it be a classroom training, online tutorials, self-study books, audio segments, and practice tests.

CompTIA also offers e-learning through the Cert Master, which enables you to choose topics that you need to work on. Furthermore, there are also several training provider partners associated with CompTIA. To mention some, the Global Knowledge and Learning Tree International are among the partners of CompTIA.

Aside from CompTIA resources, certification dumps are also helpful. For example, PrepAway website provides accurate and similar sample questions that are given in a certification exam. Many of these dumps are updated and verified by experts in the IT industry. On the internet, you can find a number of exam dumps in different formats, for example in ete, .vce or pdf, still choose the ones that suit you and the ones are valid.

In addition, you can also access online blogs, communities, and forums for that specific certification exam. You can engage with fellow exam takers or professionals and exchange insights with each other.

One thing to note, when preparing for a certification exam, it is better to master the topics rather than just mere memorizing. Understand the topics well enough and comprehend those points of weakness. Also, plan your daily time schedule and make it a habit to allot a portion of your time for studying. Reinforce your learning by constantly reading your notes and answering practice test questions.

What to expect in the exam?

The type of exam, as well as the number of questions in a certification exam, is generally explained in the exam blueprint. Hence, be sure to get a hold of it when taking an exam. Read over the do’s and don’ts set by CompTIA and prepare the necessary materials needed for the exam. In the actual exam date, arrive early to have ample time to prepare for the exam. Bring only the things that are necessary. Lastly, focus and be confident!

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