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The web design scene is continually developing and so, to help you get ready for your 2018 strategy, we’ve assembled a list of 9 trends to watch out for.

Look at them below, and get inspired to deal with your web design projects this year with style.

#1 Bold Typography

Bold typefaces have been the trend for the year. The bigger fonts are eye-catchy and better utilize the white space on the website. The big typefaces work best when keeping your webpage minimal and clean.

See this example from Brooklyn-based agency Huge:

hello video 1

#2 Cinemagraphs

The human eye loves motion and coming to cinemagraphs, these are inherent eye-candy. Cinemagraphs are high-quality videos or GIFs that run on a smooth, continuous loop. The trend has become popular to add movement and visual interest to otherwise static pages.

A perfect example from Danish agency CP+B Copenhagen:  

cp c

#3 Vivid Layers of Colors

In 2018, an effective layer of color scheme would be an integral part of overall website design. Staggered, stacked layers of color add depth and texture to your website design, having direct relationships with emotions, thoughts, and decision power of website visitors, hence on conversion rates.

See this example from HUCKBERRY:


#4 Text-only

Relying on a few choice lines of straightforward text is a powerful way to the aware user of your business. Text-only typefaces grab the attention of the visitors more quickly than any other thing. It is a new and smart approach of presenting information.

See this example from Danish agency B14; they uses their homepage real estate to simply describe their task:
b1 2

#5 Illustration

Illustrated design has unique temptations for an audience and so, is gaining significance. Graphics and illustrations are great for storytelling concepts as adding a bit of personality to the site.

An appealing example from Inservio


#6 Ultra-minimalism

Minimalist websites are fresh, easy to read & understand and leave little doubt for your next step and so, has become a popular trend in the years.

The site Brian Nathan Hartwell  is centered around this particular theme:

screencapture briannathanhartwell 1518084273749

#7 Duotone

Two-tone color schemes in modern web design and development are widespread. It makes design appear fresh and up to date to upgrade retention and conversion rate.

Example from Australian Design Radio:  

screencapture ausdesignradio 1518084416886

#8 Combing Horizontal and Vertical Text

At present, mixing horizontal and vertical text has become a refreshing approach as different from conventions of keeping horizontal alignment. These typefaces capture the attention of web visitors towards their prominent message and create wow effect.

Take this example from director Matt Porterfield, which mixes horizontal and vertical text alignments on an otherwise very simple page:

screencapture takewhatyoucancarry 1518084503158 1

#9 Geometric shapes and patterns 

Geometric shapes and patterns bring variations and uniqueness in the web page design.  The pattern can be seen adding some flair in a landscape which was earlier ruled by flat and material design.

 Fonts of Chaos uses daring, patters & letters on their homepage.

screencapture fontsofchaos 1518084900288

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