A website is quite valuable product today and even more vital are their different web pages. About us is one of them ensuring you are driving customers to your dashboard easily and successfully.

There would be billions of websites with their About Us available on the internet, but how many of them are scoring and are “the best” in all contexts? If you have a website but don’t have the approved About Us page; you are not there. Let’s discover a couple of best About Pages to make your own having similar quality of capabilities.

So, how to do it?

Here you’ll find 10 of the best and About Us page examples that will inspire you to make your own in a similar way.

1) CopyBlogger

As you can see in the image or when visiting the web page, you will find that the website is talking about “I, You or We” rather talking about its audiences and consumers.

This is surely something different from usual pattern and this is why it looks refreshing. The CopyBlogger About page is focused on “you” and this is why you can learn a lot from this.

In most of the About pages, you’ll find people talking about their businesses, services, products, achievements and more, but what actually needed is to write everything having on the dashboard in a way dedicated to your customers. ‘Favor them or lose them’, is today’s concept and you should also go with that.


2) The White House

The About page of “The White House” shows how can you make audiences yours and keep them engaged. The page also shows staff and organization members and is more approachable.

The page emphasizes the story of the president of USA, and other main members and thus, you won’t like to stop yourself diving deep into the content. You can take the view of entire White House.

In the whole page, you’ll notice that the focus is on government’s goals which it trying to achieve.

If you’re a website holder, you also need come with similar kind of content.


3) Mail Chimp

Do you know your “About Us” is your presales page? If not, you must check out Mail Chimp’s page? You would discover that it has staff photos talking about business but in a smarter way.

In one paragraph they talk about themselves and then say-

“But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Whether you own a business or manage email newsletters for clients, you need an email–marketing service that takes care of the complicated stuff so you can focus on your job.”

Mail Chimp’s About Us page also focuses on community engagement and culture. This can make your company more “individual” sort of.


4) Tumblr

Tumblr is an excellent example amongst the About Us pages and is so recognizable. The first page displays the mass social proof like how many users are engaged in using the service. After this, you find amazing images.

You can also find the reviews shared by other brands like New York Times, Forbes and Business Week. The quotes may be short but they let you know everything about the services offered.


5) Moz

Have you thought to share your milestones on your about us page with vibrant images that are clearly visible? Different companies have different perceptions to tell their story, but Moz chose the above-mentioned way to design it’s about us page.

The way Moz has shared its story about receiving fund, switching its brand positioning, and switching back to its original model. This shows its courage which is rare to find amongst companies. If you want to be a table topper, be fearless and express everything that you have in a delightful way.


6) DSIM- Delhi School of Internet Marketing

In the list of the best About Us pages, DSIM, India’s first premier digital marketing institute proudly secures its place.

Like Moz, DSIM has also expressed its potential in a lucrative way. It has come up with every advantages and piece of information that it provides to its learners.

Exploring the page you will find its services, a number of batches formed, numbers of professionals, quality trainers from different startup, the strength of the company and much more.


7) Apptopia

When you’re in the business, it’s important that your audiences recognize your business, products, and services. If they are unable to do this, how will they know that your offers are best for them? The strategy looks different from the industry trend.

You all need to know about crafting an about page from Apptopia i.e. to keep your page definite and powerful.


8) Nike

Nike, a leader in sports products especially wears and shoes and the brand name is really remarkable enough to inspire others. Even being a brand name, the company hasn’t forgotten to share its courageous nature.

It says the company was started at the “University of Oregon” by the college’s track coach, Bill Bowerman and today he doesn’t even work in the company. Even today the company hasn’t forgotten to share the credits with the right people.


9) Eight Hour Day

Be human, don’t turn auto-guessing what is it about. You should then go through the About page of Eight Hour Day which majorly focuses on displaying human part over formality and gaining trust and credibility.

Looking too professional on your “About Us” page may be common and trendy, at least from the company’s point of view. If you want to have something different on your web page then humanize it, show your employee’s strength, your customer’s brand value and others.

This could play cupid for business excellence and expansion. You can become a customer-winning company.



If you haven’t addressed the strength of About Us pages so far, then you have missed an opportunity to drive customers to your desk. The “About Us page of a website is strong enough to get your customers engaged.

But, what more you need to know in order to make a right About Us is to understand how it should be crafted.

Above mentioned are the 10 best About Us pages to inspire you and help you with getting ideas. Explore, learn & innovate.

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