A question that pops up very often in minds of young job seekers is what qualities they need to posses to land their dream job. Today’s digital era holds an abundance of gizmos at their disposal to help them get through the interview. To name a few these are the advice websites, social networking sites and so on. However, the idea is how to consume these channels or the tools to their advantage. Here we have a few tips for the young job hunters to accomplish what they always had dreamt of.



Do the research

digital marketing There are so many questions that are too common in interviews and missing out to them is the sheer example of ignorance and lack of research. Some questions like what do you know about our organization, where do you see yourself five years down the line and so on are so common and frequently asked that if you are unable to answer them then you deserve not to be selected. So do your researches before appearing for the interview. Delve into the vast ocean of information that you can easily gather in this digital era where internet is at your access like basic requisites of life. We don’t mean that you mug up the things but at least get your concepts clear and collect the basic information that you can do at your ease.

Connect to the company before the interview

Digital Marketing 32 While researching about the company on their social media pages try being interactive and respond to their updates it could be anything retweeting on twitter or liking their post on facebook, leaving a comment and so on. You never know who might be watching as these days many recruiters tend to find talent via social networking sites rather than finding them on job sites.

Besides, you can also participate in the events sponsored or organized by that company and meet their representative. It makes a difference. Afterwards, you can also try connecting to the representative of that company on linked in if possible.

Build your social presence

Digital Marketing 33 Your social presence matters a lot when it comes to the recruiters assessing your passion for the digital media. If you blog then do show in your resume that you blog and let the recruiter be acquainted with the level of knowledge that you posses through your blog. Besides, they also consider the number of friends and followers you have on facebook or twitter. Your answers and even questions on linked in are counted and considered by them. So build your social presence the best way possible.
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Do your groundwork

Digital Marketing 34 Be prepared and make a checklist of the things that are weighed up during the interview. First thing first get acquainted with the structure of the interview and plan accordingly. Then go through your checklist and one by one and see if you are going to meet the parameters. The checklist will be comprised of things like your qualification, your knowledge on the subject matter, your dress up and so on. Besides, while the interview goes on try asking relevant and well thought of questions but make sure you don’t overdo it and it should seem obvious.

Be on time

Digital Marketing 35 Never get late for the interview rather try arriving at least fifteen minutes before the scheduled start time. God forbade if some emergency happens and you unable to arrive on time then do inform the person who is waiting for you and make sure the reason should not sound fake and a figment of imagination.

Don’t bring up money the first day

Digital Marketing 36 If the company likes you they will never disappoint you because then you are going to be an asset for them. So try not bringing up money at least on the first day of your interview as that tends to detoriate your position. Instead admit that you love to get trained on new things and take up the challenges. Besides, when you are being asked about your expectation about the remuneration be realistic while telling the numbers. As far as the salary estimation is concerned you can gather a rough idea from the internet as there are some good sites which provide you such information.

Don’t project yourself confined to a certain area

Digital Marketing 37 Companies love to hire people with diverse interests and those who can do multitasking. So if you fit in to this parameter let them know instead of categorizing yourself to a certain area of work. Besides, if asked talk frankly about your hobbies and interests as assorted interest brings multiple hues and positive vibes to the company’s culture.

Think about Career and not barely a job

Digital Marketing 38 Make it clear to your would be employer if in case that you are interested in making your career and not just getting a job. Let them know what results you can give them by meeting the parameter in the given time and also ask them what you can expect in the next three months. Talk about what you have accomplished in your career up till then and try highlighting the areas you are good at and have achieved something unusual. It works!

Keep away from some very common blunders

Digital Marketing 39 A few things that people don’t realize on time and end up losing their dream job just by making some very common blunders such as not keeping their phones on silent, chewing gums, sitting in a wrong posture, using slangs and jargons while giving answers and so on. So try not committing such mistakes even by mistake.

So these were a few tips for the job seekers in this digital era. Why those so called champs tend to snatch away the jobs that you deserve more than them. Just because they are prepared and alerts about even small things that you tend to miss out. So now onwards if you are going to appear for any interview make sure you keep all the relevant points in mind and get prepared accordingly.


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