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Considering myself to be a customer, I do see the change and that is, when compared with buyers of bygone times, I have easy access to product info and possibilities through which the products are found and brought.

Thus, it says that we have entered into the age of customers.

The year is of the enabled consumers and this is the reason enterprises need to methodically understand them. To serve today’s undeniably capable consumers is a procedure where you as a business entity need to know; who they are, what they buy, what they watch, what they browse and where they go?

Prior it was easy for businesses to get segregated in terms of market positioning and so, they used to focus on what was best for them. Whereas, at present whichever type of scale a business has a place with, it has entry to great resources and seeing the circumstance, a name/business to look for its survival and extra achievement, needs to concentrate on its buyers i.e. what is best for them.

As technology advances, consumer conduct changes too and as a marketer you have to comprehend and infer the learning grasped inside these progressions. In today’s advertising world, it’s insufficient to utilize old strategies to energize clients. You have to work towards their direction and have a concrete understanding of the metrics involved in customers’ decision-making process.

Here we go trying to understand today’s customer psychology:

1) A customer bears hug to good service quality 

The ability of a brand to help customers at each phase of the buying journey is what service remains for and this is the way to success in business.

A customer needs you to understand his expectations & concerns and respond to their necessities promptly, envisioning continuous association, tangible communication, timely & speedy resolution, reliability, assurance to convey trust, and caring and personalized attention.

A report published in terms of understanding consumer behavior reveals that 3 out of 5 customers are willing to give up a former favorite brand in order to have a better service experience. 

  • American Express

Without a continuous duty to give customers quality service and listen to their necessities, no business can stay aware of the hardened rivalry and powerfully reshaping scene of the corporate world. Thus, it’s ideal to dodge the high cost of awful services as we all know that the news of bad customer service achieves more than twice the same number of ears as acclaim for a good service experience. 

2) All a customer needs is a brand experience 

Your customers search for the trust they merit…… 

At times the single information directs the all and to address this we need to talk about customer experience. In today’s marketing scenario, a customer often forgets the average and remembers the best and so, it is of substantial importance to keep them satisfied.

They covet quality, lean towards consistency, look for originality and these together make a brand experience permitting them to come to you.

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” – Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO, Amazon.

3) Today’s customer is in control 

Buyers in today’s time are significantly more in control of their purchasing decision and it’s known that they can manage it in their own particular manner. They investigate, research, and share each buy choice and do it quickly.

Businesses attempting to direct their customers may lose them for the long time; instead they should know & practice the balancing exercise of being responsive to their requirements promptly.

 4) As a marketer you should know a customer’s journey 

Have you ever given it a thought to know your customer’s journey?

The journey here suggests working intently to know the every phase that helped buyers to self-qualify and achieve the phase of purchase, i.e. distinguishing your customer’s identity and conduct, discovering how they connect and further.

A buyer journey has greater and impactful parts and a marketer should treat it as a critical way to augment and measure for.

This benefits you tailor your approach and you wind up offering great experiences and satisfaction to customers.

5) Habit, price and convenience together makes a customer’s buying decision 

While understanding the buying process/journey with consumers’ behavior, it gets to be basic to discover the components that helped them to settle on a choice.

A purchase can’t take place, until a customer’s expectation in terms of habit, price and convenience is met at a brand’s place.

Let’s take an example; If you need to buy a cellphone, amongst the choices available, you will look for those that suit your habit and budget exceptionally and how comfortably you could get the solution become the three of the things to help you make a buying decision.

6) A customer feels happy to get customized solution 

Your customer always looks for surprises and delights…

In addition to above mentioned points, there is one other point of difference that tips the buyer in your favor- delivering personalized solutions.

The studies say that 86 percent of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions.

  • Infosys

It’s been demonstrated that a huge quota of customers get lured towards your brand when you make them feel important and it triggers them to give you loyalty.

Each and every customer is distinctive and to tell them they are valued; a business needs to create customized offers that provide answers to their greatest concerns. 

7) A self-educated buyer does all the preliminary researches 

Today’s self-educated consumers regulate the excursion through the buying cycle considerably more than todays’ sellers regulate the selling cycle. The element of today’s consumer conduct has significantly changed and today a customer truly gets the characterizing impression of a brand through preparatory searches.

To address customers’ needs, you as a business need to shape communications, substance, and dealings to the qualities and inclinations of every customer type.

With the right and quality approach only, a buyer gets fulfilled.

8) A customer wants you to listen & learn 

Today’s customer wants you enhance your marketing message with his feedback/input.

When you as a brand listen and respond; it enables customer to develop trust, further giving you his loyalty. Today customers have boundless alternatives and a simple feeling of disappointment leads them to get distant from you. Your response permits user to have an interactive experience and get what they desire for.

9) A customer wants you to have strong online presence

For customers in the 21st century, the first introduction they get of a business is by finding it online. 

According to Google, 97% of consumers use the web to search for local businesses and if they are online, you should be, too. 

An online presence is important as it fortifies your brand’s image and allows consumer to know what you are and what you have. All the more significantly, it presents you as a right figure and doesn’t scare them in pursuit of finding your brand’s identity and whereabouts.

You can do it through three of the main things:

  • Your website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Presence

Today, customers have gotten to be smarter than ever and you can’t trick them by false advertisings or futile components. It has become the requisite to figure out how to address your buyers’ issues, make product information promptly accessible, offer quality that can’t be discovered somewhere else and give them an interesting experience, they wish for. No matter which brand/business a customer gets connected to, the buyer is the buyer. You need to separate the hindrances between channels, enable the consumer consistently and engage him in the most receptive way.

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