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Marketers not getting many likes, comments, or new followers, need not to worry; there is a way.

To help you deal with struggles to get a handful of people to leave a comment on your Instagram posts, we have covered here the important 9 strategies. Take a look and dive into how you can become an Instagram engagement mastermind:

1) Duplicating best performing posts

Take a look at your best performing posts in the past months and find out what’s common amongst all. The analysis perhaps will leave you the answers to further slot in your upcoming posts.

You can use Instagram marketing tools and by looking at the dashboard insights know your top performing posts. Find the commonalities between the posts and integrate it into your strategy and see how exceptionally it works.

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2) Posting stories with CTAs

It’s been found as a workable strategy when you refer to the link in your bio or post your Instagram story with different CTA. When you do this, your followers take notice of the product. It also gives them the opportunity to learn more and increases engagement on your stories and further, clicks to your website.

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3) Promoting posts across networks

It’s important to let your audience that you exist here too. There is a possibility that there could be some your of Facebook audience present on Instagram too.  It’s beneficial to shower some cross-network promotional posts to push more followers.

When you are publishing a Facebook post, you can mention that the more details can be found in your Insta stories. This is an interesting content type and proves to be more enticing among your audience.

4) Being strategic with Instagram Ads

Here, you need to be nuanced and strategic about your Instagram account. Explore new targeting possibilities and improve conversions and lower your ad costs. Further, become more & more familiar with all the Instagram advertising options to remain ahead of your competitors.

You can create a customer audience; use your newsletter lists, people who have visited your store, people who purchased from your website, people who’ve engaged with your Facebook or Instagram accounts, etc. From there, using the lookalike audience feature, you can find even more people similar to any of the above audiences.

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5) Incorporating Videos

Studies say that sponsored videos receive three times more engagement than photos and so, you must get started with using Instagram videos, in case you are not.

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6) Partnering with Creatives

When you partner with creatives for your product or services listings, it gives both of you a larger audience.  This happens in a way that when you get associated with brand/person with active audience, it produces opportunities where their audience visits your page, further increasing engagement.

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7) Writing witty captions

It’s important to include an eye-catching photo, yet it’s equally needed to create a witty or uniquely branded voice on Instagram. It’ll help you stand out from everyone else and followers will end up striking conversations with you.


8) Giving hints

When you let your followers enter in on knowing a secret, they absolutely love it. Giving sneak peeks and hints of new releases make them think that they are closely associated with the brand and have become a part of a specific group. It entices them to guess at what’s going on and encourages them to revisit the profile to see if something has been announced.

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9) Timing your posts

As a part of another strategy, you can use Instagram analytics to find out when the best time to post is for you. Posting when most of your followers are online and engaging on the app works exceptionally. Posting at the wrong hour leads you to miss out on engagement, so you should not.

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