Sports identities making a large number of dollars attributable to their wondrous sports capacities are people that are idolised vivaciously. Though making money in profusion and having untold wealth, we barely approaches to think about the insolvent monetary states of few of them. It passes on the note that making a great many dollars or having big name status doesn’t assist a billionaire to get resistant to bankruptcy.

It is their awful choices; luxurious spending and poor money related arrangements that make them lose everything. Here is a list of celebrated sports identities who wasted dollars to terrible ways of making expenses and knowing after these people, we may become able to learn from their missteps.

1. Johnny Unitas: Footballer

Johnny Unitas

John Constantine Unitas was a professional American Footballer, considered to be one of the National Football League’s greatest players of all time. With extraordinary passing ability, this player got sweeping media elaboration and popularity. The winning game that he played in year 1956 for the team Baltimore Colts of the NFL is still considered as the “greatest game ever played.” The legendary quarterback attempted to manage his earnings into insightful business moves including restaurants, real estate projects and bowling alleys, but these tries never offered return in the way that he had trusted. At last, he declared bankruptcy in 1991. This renowned player passed away in the year 2002.

Born On: May 7, 1933

Nick Name Earned: “The Golden Arm”, “Johnny U”

Earning amid career: Undisclosed

Present Property Worth: Undisclosed

Playing Career: 1956-1973

2. Diego Maradona: Football Player

Diego Maradona: Soccer Player

Diego Armando Maradona, the soccer great has remained a fearless Argentine professional footballer and also served as a manager and coach at the national team of Argentina and other clubs. In his career he played four FIFA World Cups including the 1986 World Cup where he captained Argentina and led the team to victory and is regarded as one of the greatest football players of all time. He started his career at the age of 10 as a young player of Argentinos Juniors, one of the prevalent clubs in Argentina. From 1980s until 2004, he continued to be a drug addict, which damagingly affected his health and performance. Though, he made legendary accomplishments, these were later dwarfed by his inconsistent past including the scuffle with drug abuse. He went through several controversies from failed drug test in 1994 world cup to verdict for shooting a reporter. It was the debt of $54 million in unpaid taxes that eventually forced the identity into bankruptcy.

Born on: October 30, 1960

Nick Name Earned: “The Golden Boy”

Earning amid career: Undisclosed

Present Property Worth: $100 thousand

Playing Career: 1976- Oct 1997

3. Evander Holyfield: Professional Boxer

Evander Holyfield: Professional Boxer

Evander Holyfield, the boxing great is an American former professional boxer and held the undisputed world championship in both the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions. He is the only player who has won the four-time world heavyweight championship, the WBA, WBC, IBF and lineal titles. Winning 44 out of 57 professional fights, he made millions amid his career and grabbed prominent endorsement deals, yet lost everything to controversies on and off the ring. He saw marriage issues including his three time divorces, kid support problems and contempt of court and was confirmed bankrupt by a Georgia court in 2008.

Born On: October 19, 1962

Nick Name Earned: “The Real Deal”

Earning amid career: $200 millions

Present Property Worth: $1 million

Playing Career: 1984- May 2011

4. Mike Tyson: Professional Boxer

Mike Tyson; Professional Boxer

Michael Gerard “Mike Tyson”, an American Professional heavyweight boxer remained an undisputed name in the ring of boxing. He has been the youngest boxer to win the prestigious WBC, WBA and IBF heavyweight titles. This former heavyweight champion made record earnings, nearly about $400 million in the course of 20 years of his career, but somehow figured out to dissipate his fortune subject to his extravagant conduct. Once the king of the ring, he became the subject of controversy and even served the jail term accountable for rape. He filed for bankruptcy in the US in the year 2003.

Born on: June 30, 1966

Nick Name Earned: “Iron Mike”

Earning amid career: $400 million

Present property worth: $ 1 million

Playing Career: March 1985- June 2005

5. David James: Goalkeeper

David James: Goalkeeper

David Benjamin James is an England former footballer and played as a goalkeeper. Once England’s number one goalkeeper in the world cup 2010, David apparently earned £20 million in his 25-year sports career, in which he played for numerous Premier League clubs including Liverpool and Manchester City. He received a huge salary as a club player at Liverpool and secured a number of lucrative contracts in his career and also worked as a model for Armani. He filed for bankruptcy in May 2014. He went broke due to his fizzled business, over-spending, poor speculation decisions and failure to tax payments.

Born On: August 1, 1970

Nick Name Earned:

Earning amid career: $20 million

Present Property Worth: Undisclosed

Playing Career: 1986-2010

6. Darren McCarty: Ice Hockey Player

Darren McCarty: Ice Hockey Player

Darren Douglas McCarty is a standout amongst the most mainstream and effective Canadian professional ice hockey players, best known for his years playing with the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League. He played for the OHL Belleville Bulls, Dteroit Red Wings, Calgary Flames, Flint Generals and Grand Rapids Griffins and was known as one of the most popular players of the team. He officially retired in the year 2009. Later on he got dependent on liquor and was even diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable cancer of the bone marrow and blood. Awful choices, betting, divorce and a fight with alcohol landed him into bankruptcy. He petitioned for it while he was playing for NHL.

Born on: April 1, 1972

Nick Name Earned: “Big Mac”

Earning amid career: Undisclosed

Present Property Worth: $500 thousand

Playing Career: 1989-2009

7. Allen Iverson: Basketball Player

Allen Iverson: Basketball Player

Allen Ezail Iverson, an American professional basketball player has played for 14 seasons in the National Basketball Association, NBA, one of the world’s premier men’s professional basketball leagues. This legend got retired from NBA in 2010. Iverson in course of making prosperity got into excessive indulgences and this added to his financial woes bringing him into subterranean trouble. Once the NBA’s most valuable player (2001) and revered by millions, he struggled all through to balance the volatility of the life and finally lost his legacy to his spendthrift lifestyle. He was once seen pleading for change outside of Lenox Mall in Atlanta. He filed for bankruptcy in the year 2012. Reebok holds a lifetime endorsement contract with Iverson and this is enough to give a picture of the star status of this basketball player.

Born on: June 7, 1975

Nick Name Earned: “The Answer”

Earning amid career: $200 million

Present Property Worth: $1 Million

Playing Career: 1996-2010

8. Marion Jones: Track and Field Athlete/Basket ball player

Marion Jones: Track and Field Athlete

Marion Lois Jones is an American former world champion track and field athlete and professional basketball player. Said to be ‘the fastest woman in the world’, Marion became the first woman to win five track and field medals at the 2000 Olympics games. She saw several glorious nights of her career but failed to keep herself withdrawn from allegations saying her accomplishments got powered by performance enhancing drugs. It was the year 2007 when she confessed to using banned substances and accordingly gave back her Olympic medals. Even she faced jail after finally confronting to taking drugs. At her career best, Olympic sprinter Marion Jones set records for woman athletes, retained multi-million dollar endorsement deals and decked the covers of popular magazines, yet attributable to the outcomes of her poor choices became bankrupt in the year 2007.

Born on: October 12, 1975

Nick Name Earned: “Golden Girl”

Earning amid career: $7 million

Present Property Worth: $ 500 Thousand

Playing Career: Track and Field: 1991-2006 (The IOC and IAAF stripped Jones of all medals, points and results received after September 1, 2000, after Jones confessed to using steroids preceding the 2000 Summer Olympics)

Basketball: 2010-2011 (WBNA)

9. Vince Young: Footballer


Vincent Paul Young, Jr., a former American Football player played in the National Football League for six seasons. He was a quarterback in the NFL. Recruited by the Tennessee Titans, the prevalent player spent time with the Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills. Amid his career, he earned the most prestigious recompenses in Football. In view of rash ways of managing money, Young got into deep monetary inconvenience. He got arrested once on suspicion of driving being intoxicated. Regardless of the amount you procure in your lifetime, there’s nothing more terrible than finding that the cash you’ve amassed is some way or another lost to awful money related choices and Vince encountered the same. He petitioned for insolvency in year 2014.

Born On: May 18, 1983

Nick Name Earned:

Earning amid career: $25.7 million

Present Property Worth: $1.5 million

Playing Career: 2006-2011

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