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Are you struggling to attract visitors to your website and take an action? Getting visitors to do what you want them to do is no less than herding cats. If you want to make this task easier, then you need to include a compelling call-to-action.

With a call-to-action button you guide your visitor to what do next. You should keep your CTA at a right place, so that it instantly grabs the attention of the visitor.

In this article, we have gathered 9 examples of pages with effective call-to action that work, so that you can learn what worked well for these brands.

#1 Netflix

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The persuasive text guides you to their free trial which is available for a month. And, the best part about it is that it nips the fear of visitors away that unsubscribing will be a troublesome task by displaying ‘cancel anytime’ just above the ‘Join Free for a Month’ CTA.

And, the red color of both the primary and secondary CTAs matches Netflix’s logo color which gives it a more appealing look. And, they let the users know that how convenient the product is with providing you the ability to watch anywhere.

#2 Quick Sprout

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The site has two simple yet highly compelling CTAs which prompt the prospect to click on it. The first one is yellow in color which is kept to direct the traffic to website. And, the second one directs them to educational content that Quick Sprout offers. So, with the help of these two CTAs based on type of userss, it becomes easier to choose the one they are looking for.

#3 T. C. Pharma

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T.C. Pharma is the parent company of the world’s leading energy drink Red Bull. The homepage of this company features two equal size call-to-action buttons; ‘Find out more’ and ‘View products’. The first one is highlighted with yellow color to let the users know, if they want to find out more, they need to click on it. Both the CTAs are clear-cut.

#4 HubSpot

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It shows relevant image behind the CTA which provides a look that how people are using the product. This makes the website look more appealing. And, the blue color CTA ‘Get Started Free’ is friction free and invites visitors to start the program. The persuasive content placed above also works well.

#5 Madewell

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The brand always stands out for its attractive website design and creative use of CTA. The sites welcomes you with a tagline ‘I’m looking for’, then display a category and just below that there are two CTA buttons which help you decide. If you want to continue browsing, then it’s well and good, otherwise by clicking on other one you get directed t next category. So, it is a great example where user experience is enhanced.

#6 Spotify

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It features two compelling CTAs on a pink colored background. One directs the visitors to the free version of spotify and the other one towards the paid version. The one which offers free trial is more prominently displayed to win out the trust of the visitors and then direct them to a more premium version.

#7 Ugmonk

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It is a great example of exit CTA. Exit Pop-ups are different from normal pop-ups as they detect the user’s behavior and comes up when the user is about to leave.

The site offers 15% off on the first order and below that are two options; ‘Yes please’ and ‘No thanks’. Each one clearly defines yes or no, whereas the yes button is kept brighter than the other one. So, it serves as a fantastic way to direct the reader’s attention.

#8 Basecamp

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The blue color CTA displays a 60-day free trial with a persuasive language that states ‘Give Basecamp a try’. The brand is trying to gain the confidence of users by letting them try the product. This clever CTA indirectly prompts the visitor to click on it.

#9 theSkimm

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The pop-up CTA clearly explains what the brand actually offers. It displays ‘Join Million of Others’ which works as a strong social proof. It encourages people to join by showing that million others have already joined.

Hope that these call-to-action examples give you some food for thought for creating CTAs for your own websites. So, use the above mentioned variations for generating better potential results.

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