In online marketing, platforms keep coming and disappearing as users continuously changing their likes and behavior.

If you follow the guide on “how to “dominate” Facebook from 2010” that would be like reading an old age story today.

This indicates that brands need to change their social media campaigning approach.

So, better to follow the time and feel good. The year, 2017, has been crucial from the view of social media improvement-

  • Huge changes in Facebook algorithm
  • Twitter introducing 280-character limit
  • The rise of LinkedIn for Influencer Outreach
  • Facebook and Instagram launching an exclusive platform, “Live Video”.

Now, what this entire story paves for being cornerstones for your social media strategy in 2018 in order to remain relevant?

Here are 9 best social media approaches which would be called the best practices for present-day social platforms.

If you are ambitious enough to make 2018 own, combine any of these strategies and get productive results:

1) Measure Your Storytelling

What is your approach when you move for social sharing of your brand?

If you mind it, you gain.

This would be an impactful step if you are intended to gain more followers.

In short, people are sick of spam and impersonal brands alike.

This is why storytelling content found admirable. Sometimes, escaping any kind of strong CTA or additional link, story-based content drives discussion in spite of clicks.

If you want to see a sheer example of storytelling, what would be better than LinkedIn post created by Backlinko Brian Dean?

There are many such examples of storytelling content that will be magnetic.

A post that drives debates proves to be a right candidate for getting love in the comment section, yet helping you put the vulnerable side of the brand.

Similarly, there are several popular Instagram accounts that come up with emotional and storytelling content and one of them is Humans of New York.

Why such content becomes “talk of the town”, though? Well, the two reasons are here-

  1. Followers or users find them as genuine content with meaningful messages in spite of promotional one.
  2. In the context of algorithm relegating advertising, link-heavy brands, these contents are good enough to pop up in your follower’s feeds.

Consider the vitality of your post, everything that promotes is not only acknowledgeable and potent.


Do not Use



2) Adorn Your Facebook Engagement

Discussing algorithm changes and promos, we need to talk about Facebook.

When talking about algorithm updates and promos, the first social medium that strikes in our mind is Facebook.

Facebook’s recent announcement to de-link brand content has worked as anguished and panic aspect among users.

There are several ways and advantages of audience engagement on Facebook, you just need to explore the corners of the platform and find out the tools making your presence exclusive.

You can also compare Facebook engagement aspects in order to understand its outreach and utilites, especially for brands.

Facebook Engagement

3) Influencer Marketing

The data of 2017 Influencer marketing reveals that the concept would again be fruitful for the brands in 2018.

Alike, 2017, brands need to consider following points in 2018-

No Money, No Influencer.

Well, the first logic of successful influencer marketing is authenticity. If you want right and reliable influencer in the network, don’t scare to pay for their valuable presence.

Make them feel worthy of paying the amount of their effort and time that they will spend for you.

See the advantages of INFLUENCER MARKETING in this image-

Influencer Marketing 1

Mobile & Social Media

With the arrival of smartphones, social media got endless access in a couple of minutes. So, you need to focus on mobiles.

Referring to influencer marketing tactics, even your giveaways, hashtag contests, vlog reviews and blog posts should be optimized for smartphones.

4) Consider AR

With technology changing its vision. AR or augmented reality has lately got popular.

In 2018, this tactic will surely help brands to promote themselves via social media.

Snapchat has already launched a new AR feature and Ikea is also entering into this by introducing their Place app.

The Place app is meant to provide its users the look of different sorts of furniture decorating their home before buying it. Users just need to scan the room holding the phone and the app sets the furniture in the room with 3D technique.

Thus, you can find the appropriateness of the furniture for a particular location.


Ikea Place

5) Increase Your Video Creation

You must have used Facebook Live, a feature making its route in 2017 in the world of social media.

Video streaming was a revolutionary strategy of 2017. A survey reveals that users had more than 500 hours on YouTube daily in that year.

This certainly suggests that it could be trending in 2018 as well and proved to be worthy for marketers and brands this year as well.

Even, it has been predicted that in 2019 video content is going to contribute 80% all consumer online traffic.

Considering average value, a video content releases “1,200 percent more shares than text or visual content alone”.

So, don’t you think it’s good?


6) Make Your Campaigns Interactive, Isn’t It?

Creating campaigns is an art. How?

Suppose, you made a humorous and genuine looking content or advert, but your viewers left just by clicking “like” button. Hopefully, your RoI aspect will remain unfulfilled.

By reaching 2018, we need to understand the aspect of campaign creation. Ensure your advert is gaining its return apart from other aspects.

Else, quizzes, contests, and surveys can also be interactive for brand communication to be relayed on social media.

So, you could derive a lot of worth through this technique for your brand endorsement on social media.

Interactive- Content

7) Maintain Your Content Legacy

The Internet creates a storm, without a doubt. It offers several pieces of information in no time, but at the same time, it also produces ambiguity.

So, what is the suggestion in this tactic; if you want to keep your brand stand out, tag people who are part of your network or have influenced you.

If the name is big, it gains much reliability for your brand and even if not, no need to worry.

Tag Influencer

8) Use Instagram Geotags for Physical Presence of Your Content

Instagram geotag is a technique which helps your content to show its physical presence in a locality.

Use Instagram Geotags for local following! In 2018, this could be a worthy and sound tactic for business outreach locally.

If you tag your business’s location on Instagram, this will help your brand to easily communicate with your local customers and gain their trust.

When you create images of customers with the help of geotagging technique, it proves your social presence.

Instagram Geotag Stats

9) Go Live

With the increasing popularity of Video content, brands continue to look to engage audiences faster and more effectively with live video in 2018.

Live videos are compelling and its untreated feel is refreshing for viewers bored of used to video content.

As Facebook has said, real-time videos get six times as many interactions as regular videos and so, it recommends marketers to go for this strategy.

Live videos via Instagram stories

As of the latest reported period, the chat app had 300 million daily active Stories users worldwide as of October 2017, up from 200 million global DAU in April. You can see the exponential growth.

Number of daily active Instagram Stories users from October 2016 to October 2017 (in millions)


The approach creates more excitement around product releases, is cost effective, better connects with your audience daily, drives more traffic and brings real-time engagement. So, it’s anticipated to see increased live video pop ups in your feeds over the course of the year.


If you wish to see your brand excelling in 2018, prepare your social strategies with pure attention.

Research and Research.

Apply and Apply.

This is how above ideas would prove worth for the social encouragement of your brand.

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