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Staying updated with all the social media trends is must to leverage these platforms to the fullest for marketing.

And, the easy way to keep you updated about it is by keeping an eye on the top social media blogs which are constantly updated with all the latest happening around the social media and provide an inside view of what’s going to happen next.

Here are the top 9 social media blogs that you should keep in your reading list this year.

#1 Peg Fitzpatrick

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The blog publishes content on a variety of social media marketing subjects. It also provides useful, in-depth and relevant advice for marketers which always prove to be beneficial. Peg Fitzpatrick manages the blog and is a Social Media Expert.

#2 Jenn’s Trends

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If you want to drive traffic through the most popular social network, Instagram then the blog you need to follow is Jenn’s Trends blog. She shares insider tips and tricks that how you can make the most out of this visually driven application. The best part is that she shares case studies where she compares prominent accounts and let us knows what makes them successful. And, also give you an idea that how you can use these strategies for your own business.

#3 Jon Loomer

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 Jon Loomer is a digital marketing entrepreneur who runs his blog for Advanced Facebook Marketers. So, if you want to get all the latest trends and changing algorithms of Facebook, then you must follow his blog. He publishes long post in which he provides detailed insights that how brands can leverage Facebook Marketing.

 #4 Socially Sorted

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The blog is managed by Donna Moritz, a Social Media and Visual Marketing Specialist. She helps you learn that how you can create visual content for your various social media platforms. The regular posts on this blog helps businesses that how they can leverage social media content as much as they can. So, if you want to make your social media presence visually more appealing, then you must follow Socially Sorted.

#5 The Social Media Hat

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The blog is led by Mike Allton, a leading Blogging and Social Media Consultant. The blog provides information about Social Media, blogging, internet marketing and technology. It helps businesses to grow by telling them what to do, how to do and what results will it bring for their brand. All the business owners who want to be more active on social media should follow this blog for quality information.

#6 Mari’s blog

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Mari Smith, one of the Leading Social Media Thought Leaders of the world, manages this blog. If you want to excel with Facebook Marketing, then this blog is the place to be. She publishes post about social media marketing but her core focus is always on Facebook. She’s referred as, “The Queen of Facebook”, so get the best insights and resources by following her.

#7 Rebekah Radice

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If you want to take your business forward with the help of Social Media and Digital Marketing, then you must follow this blog. The blog is managed by Rebekah Radice who is a Social Media Strategist and an award winning blogger. If you are interested in knowing the ‘how’ of social media marketing and want to dive deep into different strategic approaches for your campaign, then this blog is the place for you.

#8 Dustn.tv

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Dustin W. Stout , a Social Media Enthusiast and manages this blog extremely well. He publishes the valuable content about social media, blogging, content marketing. He particularly writes post that focuses on how you can grow your reach on various social media platforms like Google+, Pinterest and Twitter. With his posts, you can also learn how to create visual content.

#9 Grow

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 This awesome blog is run by Mark Schaefer, Marketing and Social Media Strategist. The blogs just not provides you the tools and tips to be successful on social media but also provides you with social media managers. The posts he publishes on his blog provide deep insights and advices for both startups and as well as seasoned corporates.

Creating a long lasting impact of your brand on social media and a strong strategy becomes a lot easier if you regularly follow these blogs. So, to make sure that you never miss a post from these valuable social media blogs, then you must sign up for their newsletters.

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